Cookie policy


Cookie policy at SPOC

  1. The administrator of cookie information collected from your end device is SPOC S.A., ul. Szyperska 14, 61-754 Poznań, Poland.
  2. Our website does not automatically collect any data, except for cookies.
  3. Cookies are data, especially text files, sent by a web browser and stored in your device while you’re browsing our website. They are collected to enable you access our website and all the pages it includes. Cookies usually store data like: name of the website they come from, storage time per an end device, and a unique key-value pair.
  4. We use cookies to:
    1. Adapt our website content to your preferences. Your cookies allow us especially to identify the device type you use and make sure our website is properly displayed on it,
    2. Collect statistics that we later on can use for the improvement of our website structure and content.
  5. On our website we use the following types of cookies that enable your access to the content:
    1. Session cookies – are temporary cookies stored in your end device by the time you leave a website or closes a web browser,
    2. Persistent cookies – are stored in your end device for the time set in your cookie parameters or by the time you erase them,
    3. Secure cookies – cookies with encrypted data.
  6. In a number of cases, web browsers installed on end devices allow cookie collection by default. You can disable cookie collection at any time, right in your web browser settings. For more information and instruction how to make changes to your cookie setup, head to your web browser settings.
  7. Be aware that some of cookie collection limitations may affect the functionality of our website or web pages it incorporates.
  8. The cookies collected from your end device might be used by our business partners for the improvement of our online content.