SPOC FastTrack
the smart approach to ServiceNow


Faster, cheaper and easier

When you want to introduce Service Now in your company, there are three main challenges: cost, time and complexity.

SPOC FastTrack answers all these problems.

ITSM implementation
is too expensive

I need it working ASAP

It is too complicated for my admins

Why SPOC FastTrack is a perfect solution for your company?

It requires little effort, lower cost and can be deployed in a short time. The digital transformation does not need to be overwhelming.

It is enough to start with critical capabilities approach and ready to use mature processes. You can build a strong foundation for ServiceNow further development in just 12 weeks.


The main functionalities

ITSM functionalities cover 90% of what is generally deployed at the beginning of the ITSM journey.  Throughout our experience, we chose the most critical elements f a smooth IT operations journey, covering:

  • Incident Management,
  • ServiceCatalog/Request Fulfillment,
  • Service Portal,
  • Change Management.
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FastTrack vs standard implementation

FastTrack allows you to go live with the ITSM solution very quickly. Our implementation is a door opener to the world of new solutions, workflows, features and integrations to help you build a homogenous IT ecosystem in your company.

Compared to a standard approach, you avoid long term project consuming resources, budget constraints and risks. Using a small budget portion in a limited time, you are able to accelerate the digital transformation injection phase.


Servicenow ITSM implementation fast quick

Is it the right choice for you?

After 10 years of experience, we can assure you that size and maturity do not matter at this point.

Fast Track is an excellent solution as much for big organizations as for medium and small companies. Our solution grows together with your business, adding capabilities and applications, and customizing them over time.

Thanks to the scalability, we can deploy it into different organizations, offering a whole set of various workflows.


  • What are the main differences to any other approach – when FastTrack is better? 

Limited time and effort, Fixed price – we focus core process that are commonly used across market but instead of spending time and effort on defining the extended scope we allow organization to benefit from core after 12w only allowing the organization to start the exploration.  

  • How can I know, FastTrack is the right approach for me? 

Its just good option to start with as it is not limiting you in any further extension. IT allows you to get world class solution, best practices and ITIL base core IT processes. Organization can start the adoption and you can start exploration.  On the other hand if you already have your strategy and roadmap and you already spent resources on definition of extended scope and requirements we can use different approach. Fast-track can be part of the bigger approach anyway bringing the value faster, even it is just the beginning of the journey.   

  • What is included in the FastTrack approach? / Are trainings included in the scope? 

The price and the timeline includes:  

    • GAP Workshops – session to discover if there are any elements not covered within the restrictions/limitations allowing customer to decide if they are moved to CSI or addressed via change requests.
    • Requirements Backlog creation/sprint planning  
    • Project Management 
    • Testing  
    • Documentation and knowledge transfer   
    • Hypercare 
  • Is CMDB in scope?

No, CMDB is not included in FastTrack scope. Why? Although CMDB is critical part and potentially the backbone of the ITSM we learned from the experience that it requires a lot of effort and time to build it properly enough to get the value. Our approach is to allow users and agents to benefit from other capabilities and features while the CMDB could be natural next step of ServiceNow journey.  

  • Is customization possible 

Yes, it is possible. Each ServiceNow implementation requires some kind of tailoring to fulfil company specific. Base on experience we built restrictions on number of customizations that can be made and initial step in FastTrack approach is GAP Workshop conducted to discover if there are any elements not covered within the restrictions/limitations allowing customer to decide if they are moved to CSI or addressed via change requests.   

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