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Imagine how much time it takes for your users to manually translate any content which is presented in another language. Service Desks and any centralized services struggle with it daily.


SPOC Translation App is a ServiceNow Store-certified tool designed to automate your translation processes, with the use of Google Translate and Microsoft Azure translation services. It seamlessly provides your end-users with content in their native language right in your ServiceNow instance. Your users always have access to the relevant content in their preferred language and don’t even know there’s a process behind it.

Translation App & how it works?

Translation features are embedded into the standard UI, allowing your users to translate any field or element with one click. They can even select any text and translate it ad-hoc. Translations are clearly visible next to specific elements (e.g. shown under fields), which does not disrupt your user’s work processes.



No mess, no confusion – manual translations aren’t work notes, nor are stored on the user’s desktops.

Caching & reusable translation base

Each new text to translate means character-count-based fees for triggering translation service API – translation caching in our App reduces the need to fire this translation service API. If a specific field, email, or other element was translated once, the App will show cached translation next time, without triggering the API.

Your users can provide “human corrections” which are then saved. Also, you can specify keywords or phrases which should not be translated, like your department or business service names.

Convenience & automation

A sophisticated mechanism to check the user’s preferred language. Moreover, it allows your users to select any language the API supports and you have full control over which languages can be used.

You can translate selected Knowledge Base articles, in bulk (into all languages on your list), or select specific languages. The new translations are in draft, so your content managers can review them if necessary. It all takes up to a few clicks.

Dynamic translations*

Translation App provides numerous capabilities centered around dynamic translations in your ServiceNow instance. It offers a wide range of pre-built features that allow you to quickly set up and control what content should be translated, be it a form field, an email, or a knowledge article.

Translation App API

Translation App provides 2 intuitive APIs to use the translation capabilities anywhere in your platform where standard outbound REST calls can be made (from portal widgets, workflows, Business Rules, etc.). One API is for general translations and the other one handles translations of articles.

* There are 2 types of translations available in the ServiceNow platform:

  • Static – fixed text, e.g. headers, button and field labels, menu names, fixed portal widget text. Those translations are handled using the OOTB Internationalization plugins.
  • Dynamic – dynamic content which differs from record to record. Usually user-generated content, e.g. short description, description of tickets, emails, comments & work notes, etc.

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