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ServiceNow UI design

ServiceNow UI design (and any other software) is a part of UX design that complements it with functional interface. It is delivered in the form of:

  • High-fidelity interactive wireframes (incorporating low level information architecture),
  • Animated mockups (visual design),
  • Interface style guide.
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When your ServiceNow Platform needs UI design

Your ServiceNow needs UI Design to provide your end user with intuitive, mobile friendly solutions that ensure visual clarity, low user burden and brand consistency. An example can be both the standard platform interface or Service Portal, including full scale portals (e.g. ITSM) or single-process apps like appointment scheduling.

Appointment scheduling app on Service Portal, for desktop and mobile.

Knowledge Base article, admin and user view.

UI design and how it works

User interface design is made up of a 3-stage process that aims to create interface with a focus on look and style that users will find easy to use.

Stage 1, Prototyping

Determination of possible solutions and features as well as definition of information architecture to provide high fidelity wireframes.

Stage 2, Delivering

Animated mockups of the solution. This stage starts with look and feel iterations to finish with the delivery of final visualization of the solution.

Stage 3, User testing

Testing of interface, based on a mockup prototype or a working prototype.