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ServiceNow Maintenance
& Development

Our ServiceNow Maintenance & Development are the range of services to provide your organization with professional platform support. It is meant to immediately fix urgent problems and reduce their impact on users’ activity at any time.

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Benefits of M&D

Our Maintenance & Development (M&D) covers a wide choice of services to:

  • Remove system failures in your instance,
  • Add new features that meet your individual requirements,
  • Handle simple but repeatable activities within your service requests,
  • Make aware development decisions based on technical consultations with us,
  • Implement processes fully adapted to your industry and business needs,
  • Ensure timely delivery,
  • Upgrade your ServiceNow instance to the newest platform release,
  • Integrate your platform with external tools & more.

You choose the services your organization needs and we compose a custom M&D service package. All starts with a call with our M&D Team who can assist you further on.

24/7 ServiceNow Support and how it works

Our Maintenance & Development services are addressed to all the organizations whose ServiceNow instance was developed either by us, by own resources, or by other ServiceNow Partner.

To ensure maximum efficiency and transparency of support, our service covers:

  • 24/7 support for customer’s escalations,
  • Defined processes to help us and our customers handle different types of tickets, e.g. Incident Management, Change Management, Release Management),
  • Integration with customer’s instance to instantly act upon urgencies assigned to our Maintenance & Development team,
  • Monthly or weekly meetings to keep our customer updated, as frequently as the project and the customer require,
  • Change Management and Release Management processes, run in cooperation with our QA Team and including code reviews,
  • Action plan prepared at the beginning of work to ensure timely execution.

All of which we can additionally enhance by:

  • Preparation of impact and risk analysis,
  • Preparation of fixes to the issues identified, followed by the upgrade of your instance according to the best practices – so as a result you get process adjusted to your needs,
  • Training from our tools – so you and your team are able to implement changes and resolve incidents, in a user-friendly integrated environment.

What customers say about our M&D

Ticket resolution pace, both Polish and English as working languages, developers’ ServiceNow competence, feedback communication quality and time, a dedicated contact person to report emergencies. These are only the main advantages we identify having worked with SPOC since 2015.

From the very beginning, it has felt like we deliver for the common goal, in tandem, and in full partnership! The team offers us great flexibility, at the same time guarding service quality.

Customer from recruitment sector

We have the dedicated M&D team at our disposal, with each member fully familiar with our ServiceNow configuration to handle all our tickets. With SPOC we get a great quality much cheaper, saving every month!

Customer from legal sector

The extensive expertise and know-how in the ServiceNow Platform delivery along with SPOC’s location in Poland, offer us a great quality service at an incomparable benefit-cost ratio!

Customer from financial sector