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ServiceNow automated testing

Our ServiceNow testing offer covers the development of solid and reusable tests, to automate testing scenarios in your platform instances.

The tests are always prepared based on the test plan, catered to your organization’s needs within instance upgrades and process coverage.

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Types of ServiceNow tests

With ServiceNow System Administrators, Certified Implementation Specialists, ISTQB Certified Testers on our QA team, we provide:

  • Functionality tests,
  • Usability tests,
  • Regression tests,
  • Security tests,
  • Exploratory tests.

All these can be effectively automated, including cross-browser testing. This ensures the solution developed is compatible with both various browsers and devices. How does it look like in practice?

Automated testing frameworks

For frontend we use Robot Framework, with its unique keyword driven testing approach, and BDD (Behavior Driven Development), offering features based on Selenium Library. For backend testing, we use the ServiceNow built in ATF Framework.

Automated testing

The main objective of our tests is to assure that the acceptance criteria set by a customer are met. We create reusable test cases placed and maintained in structured repositories. The test results obtained we always supplement with detailed reports embracing the general outcome of testing activities, including raised bugs and issues.


Based on the customer’s needs and preferences for automation of fronted and Service Portal testing, we apply either Robot or TestCafé. For backend tests we use Automated Test Framework (a native framework available in ServiceNow), and all the tests (both frontend and backend) are triggered from ATF, TestCafé, Robot Framework and repository.

Automated testing phases

  1. Access on the instance,
  2. Creation of a SOW (statement of work),
  3. Analysis and preparation of a list of test cases possible for the process,
  4. Creation of test cases from user perspective.
  1. Creation of right update sets to capture all test cases,
  2. Creation of all needed test data, users, data, groups etc.
  1. Creation of test cases in ATF.
  1. Execution of test cases in suites,
  2. Creation of a short report of how many test cases run, time, delays vs. how much time might be needed to do them manually,
  3. Creation of documentation.

Our automated testing packages

Package includes

  • Assessment,
  • Statement of work,
  • Automated tests covered in your package,
  • Comprehensive report of automated test cases,
  • Project documentation.

Benefits of automated testing

  • Save time and resources,
  • Optimise system upgrades,
  • Reduce system crashes and glitches,
  • Ensure better stability of the system,
  • Lessen the number of incidents and bugs,
  • Prepare your ServiceNow instance for continuous delivery approach.