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PDF Generator App
- ServiceNow Store Certified

PDF Generator is a ServiceNow based application for PDF creation, certified and available on the ServiceNow Store. Now you need no coding skills to prepare PDFs.

Create your PDFs with the use of MS Word templates, where you can include both static and dynamic content (data stored in the ServiceNow objects) in all formats that MS Word hosts:

  • Text, headers, footers (in all writing systems, incl. Greek, Cyrillic, logographs),
  • Company logo, images,
  • Background style and custom fonts,
  • Tables, charts (embedded from MS Excel) & more.

PDF Generator in use

Our PDF Generator application allows making PDFs out of any type of Word-based documents. With a single app, you can digitize your document flows and reduce dependency on manual file management. Now all PDFs, ranging from bank or official documents to entire employee documentation, are managed within your ServiceNow instance.

The application will support also your validated projects with the necessary documentation (design specifications, requirements, test cases, testing steps, etc.) – being especially applicable to the healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical environments.


You can send your PDF document to clients and users, whereas adequate integrations allow PDF Generator also to:

– Upload files directly to external solutions – like Adobe Docusign, CRM or procurement systems,
– Send documents to citizens so they electronically sign them – after the integration of PDF Generator with e-sign solutions.

The solution is installed on your internal server, so all PDF generation processes are kept within your network, thus ensuring data security. Scroll down to learn how other organizations transformed their processes with the app.

Without PDF Generator

With PDF Generator

Digitalization of approval processes

Without PDF Generator

You write a paper approval document to print it, sign it, scan it, and upload it to your ServiceNow instance – all is done manually.

With PDF Generator

Your approval process is fully automated, after you click the button “approve” PDF Generator generates a PDF file with incorporated approval signature. No manual signing, scanning, uploading. All these happen automatically, based on your role, the app selects the template needed. As a result you get a signed PDF file parallel with approval record.

Digitalization of onboarding & offboarding processes

Without PDF Generator

You use an MS Word template every time you need to generate a PDF file for your users, e.g. resume, skill summary, reference letter, etc. The process repeats, requiring manual preparation of a separate document for each document type, for each person.

With PDF Generator

You populate the table with the user data required. Based on the data provided in the table, our PDF Generator converts it to a document you need. Thus all your HR documents are signed and converted to separate PDFs, in bulk, with just 1 click.

Digitalization of business asset orders

Without PDF Generator

You design a business card in HTML or with the use of any other tool, then collect feedback from each stakeholder and final approval from the approver. Then you place an order at the printing house, manually, most often via email.

Each new business card order requires a request with personal data. The data requires (most often) manual population for each user, delivered either by your resources or by a printing house. The very preparation of each business card set generates extra man-costs.

With PDF Generator

You design a business card in a template, which is automatically sent to all the stakeholders for feedback and final approval. You click “approve” which triggers automatic order placement at the printing house (the design in PDF format is automatically sent to the supplier).

PDF Generator & how it works

To generate PDFs right from your ServiceNow instance first you need to prepare templates in the .docx format (MS Word document). Thanks to their editable format, the templates ensure high configurability for all users, especially facilitating work for non-technical ones.

You can prepare them on your own, based on user roles and advanced conditions per table. The app does not limit the number, so you create as many templates as you need to match the criteria for a specific table in your PDF file.

What you gain

PDF Generator app is constantly developed, with each version offering you more. Its latest version, 2.0, features:

Multiple file sources and objects

  • Consolidate multiple PDFs into a single file and include any information from any table in your PDF, using the PDF Generator API,
  • Upload data from multiple objects (custom tables that host a number of variables).

Catalog items

  • Incorporate variables from catalog items (CI) or record producers (RP).

Dynamic content

  • Incorporate not only static but also dynamic content, i.e. data stored in the ServiceNow objects, like custom embedded shapes, headers, footers etc.


  • Personalize your file names by adding a timestamp and a unique value from any record being processed (for example, ticket number).

Real-time preview

  • Preview your document in real-time, so your PDF file includes all the required content.

Editable version with a click

  • Along with your PDF, generate its editable copy in the .docs file.

The other enhancements cover:

  • Handling of images included within HTML fields or image fields,
  • Full HTML field support (inline styles, images, hyperlinks, and more)
  • Quick overview of PDF Windows Service status – via simple dashboard,
  • Advanced logging and clean-up capabilities – in case of any connection issues, with the logs stored only in your environment,
  • No data retention – no data nor documents are retained on the server during the PDF generation process,
  • Optimized performance – due to batching of jobs,
  • Inbuilt easy installer/uninstaller – configure and start/stop PDF Generator service directly from your instance.

PDF Generator API

PDF Generator exposes both the PDF Generation as well as Consolidation API, so you can use those functionalities wherever you need. It is as easy as adding a button to a table of your choice and triggering the API from there. Or automate your processes even more by including those API calls in your workflows.

PDF generator requirements

The installation of our PDF Generator requires:

  • ServiceNow instance,
  • Host with Windows operating system and MS Office apps installed on this host.

Looking for something unique and tailored to your individual needs? As the developer of the app, we can provide you with a fully customized version, based on your requirements.


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