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Virtual Agent

For whom: Admin, Developer, Process Manager

Format: ONLINE

Duration: 1 day

Price: 1.990 PLN net

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Training program

  • Introduction and theory,
  • Why Virtual Agent – general concept and ServiceNow approach introduction,
  • Basics components of a ServiceNow Virtual Agent tool – overview,
  • Interface – chatbot in action,
  • Virtual Agent Designer *:
    • Defining a topic (page, blocks, keywords),
    • Building topic flows (designer page, user input control, bot response control),
  • Transfer to Live agent support *:
    • How Virtual Agent conversation transfers work,
    • When Virtual Agent conversations are transferred to a live agent,
    • How manually transfer conversation to a live agent,
  • Natural Language Understanding *:
    • How NLU models work in Virtual Agent,
    • Topic discovery,
    • Entity extraction,
  • Create Advanced conversation *:
    • Scripts in action,
    • Chatbot integrated – End-User facing communicators – Teams/Slack/Messenger,
  • Analytics and Reporting Solutions for Virtual Agent *.
    * LAB format

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