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Virtual Agent

For whom: Admin, Developer, Process Manager

Format: ONLINE

Duration: 1 day

Price: 1.990 PLN net

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Virtual Agent training is designed to equip you with the ability to implement and configure Virtual Agent capability in your ServiceNow Platform. If you’re an admin or implementer who wants to build chat-bot conversations intended specifically for your business cases and organization, this course is definitely for you.

It allows you to go beyond the schemas embedded in the ready-made solutions offered by ServiceNow. At the training, you’ll learn how to build a tailored virtual chat-bot and integrate it with the collaboration tools used in your organization (teams/slack or any other messengers). Let chat-bot speak to users on your behalf, so you save your time and focus.


Training program

  • Introduction and theory,
  • Why Virtual Agent – general concept and ServiceNow approach introduction,
  • Basics components of a ServiceNow Virtual Agent tool – overview,
  • Interface – chat-bot in action,
  • Virtual Agent Designer *:
    • Defining a topic (page, blocks, keywords),
    • Building topic flows (designer page, user input control, bot response control),
  • Transfer to Live agent support *:
    • How Virtual Agent conversation transfers work,
    • When Virtual Agent conversations are transferred to a live agent,
    • How manually transfer conversation to a live agent,
  • Natural Language Understanding *:
    • How NLU models work in Virtual Agent,
    • Topic discovery,
    • Entity extraction,
  • Create Advanced conversation *:
    • Scripts in action,
    • Chat-bot integrated – End-User facing communicators – Teams/Slack/Messenger,
  • Analytics and Reporting Solutions for Virtual Agent *.
    * LAB format