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Software Asset Management

For whom: Fullfiller

Format: ONLINE

Duration: 1 day

Price: 1.990 PLN net

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The Software Asset Management training is run in a case study-based format, featuring the aspects necessary to implement ServiceNow Software Asset Management suite in your organization. You go through the suite components, features available and reporting capabilities.


Training program

  • Getting quality software installations data:
    • It is really needed to migrate software installations data from Software Instances table,
    • Refresh processor definition – what does it really do and how important is it,
    • ServiceNow Discovery – what software installations does it discover and how to configure it,
    • File Based Discovery – when is it useful and how to enable it,
    • SCCM – how to use it to get a delta of software products installed and software products uninstalled on all devices,
    • How to handle multiple software installations of the same software product at the same device,
    • How to handle software installations being detected on retired or stolen computers,
    • Why should one be careful with manual Discovery Models normalization,
    • Software Installations data clean-up – when is it needed and what does it ruin,
    • Adobe integration – what data will be received and what work will be left to do manually.
  • On the road to compliant position
    • How to well handle software entitlements creation having no Publisher Part Number,
    • Can Upgrade / Downgrade rights be being added automatically,
    • When and how to create a custom license metric,
    • How can one automate creation of users / devices allocations,
    • How to well and easily track software products being already configured in SAM (tips for licensable and not licensable software products),
    • How to check if a software model works correctly and what to do if it doesn’t,
    • How to get access to remediation options for any software installation one would need to,
    • How to find and handle purchase rights allocated to inactive users.
  • Few other tips and tricks:
    • Implementing Software Request and Software Sourcing – which OOB aspects will most probably need to be customized,
    • Reporting for SAM Admin – what data really matters and where to find it,
    • Reporting for software products owners – what to show and how to configure it easily.

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