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Service Portal – expert level

For whom: End-User, Admin, Developer

Format: ONLINE

Duration: 2 days

Price: 3.990 PLN net

Expert ServiceNow Trainings


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In the Service Portal – expert level training we will explore AngularJS – directives, services – when we can use them and how we can improve ServiceNow directives. We will also talk about security in our web application and external libraries that we can add to the Service Portal. At the end of the course we will learn about  REST services inside widgets to improve performance.


Training program

  • Advanced AngularJS directives,
  • Directive vs Service,
  • How to modify / improve ServiceNow’s directives,
  • How to communicate via Angular Service,
  • Secure AngularJS,
  • External JS / CSS libraries,
  • REST in widgets.

The training is also available for basic and advanced levels.