Service Portal – advanced level

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Service Portal – advanced level

For whom: End-User, Admin, Developer

Format: ONLINE

Duration: 2 days

Price: 3.990 PLN net

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The Service Portal – advanced level training will guide you through widgets from cover to cover. We will also learn how to prepare architecture for the whole page (communication between widgets) and the flow of the page (communication between client and server). Finally, you will get the chance to see how can we embed widgets into each other.


Training program

  • Basic AngularJS directives,
  • $sp/data/input/options – how to use those objects on server side,
  • Option schema – how to define options for your widgets,
  • spUtil – communication between client and server,
  • Communication between widgets,
  • ng-template – recursive list, modals,
  • Embedding widgets in another widgets.

The training is also available for basic and expert level.