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Service Catalog

For whom: Fullfiller

Format: ONLINE

Duration: 2 days

Price: 3.990 PLN net

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The Service Catalog training prepares you to understand how the Service Catalog should be properly implemented: from the data preparation phase to the implementation of this data in the system. You will get information on how to plan, build and run your Service Catalog, based on ServiceNow recommendations and many years of experience of our trainers.


Training program

  • Service Catalog – general overview:
    • Structure and components,
    • How Service Catalog elements combine with each other to build the right structure and grant permissions.
  • How to build Service Catalog:
    • Catalog – how to create,
    • Items type,
    • Variable type (with Variable sets),
    • Record producers,
    • Order Guides and Card,
    • Service Catalog flows.
  • Building Service Catalog (based on Trainer’s recommendations):
    • How to implement Service Catalog well,
    • Where mistakes can be made,
    • Differences in the application’s operation on the Service Portal and Back-end side,
    • How to use Service Catalog item designer,
    • Advanced variables – widget Macro/widget,
    • Multi-row variable sets creation,
    • Domain separation in Service Catalog.
  • Service Catalog vs other processes:
    • Service Catalog Request fulfillment process,
    • How to configure and use execution plan in the request fulfillment process,
    • Creating service request from another process flows (such as Incident),
    • How to create from Service Catalog records supported by other processes.
  • Do I need Service Portfolio Management?
    • Why my organization need to have it,
    • How to set up Service Portfolio Management,
    • Service Level Management for Service Portfolio Management,
    • Domain separation in Service Portfolio Management.