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Scripting Best Practices

For whom: Admin, Developer

Format: ONLINE

Duration: 3 days

Price: 6.990 PLN net

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Scripting Best Practices training will make your coding more efficient, error-proof, and understandable for others. You will be able to avoid many headaches caused by platform-specific bottlenecks. Best practices presented here are based on our experience gained during 10 years of work – they are not 100% universal and may not fit your business 100%, but will greatly improve the quality of your work.


Training program

  • Overview of developer UI elements – Application picker, Update set picker,
  • Working with update sets – Maintaining proper order during releases,
  • Scope or “Legacy” – which is better in what situations? Pros and cons of both APIs,
  • Working in Studio (global, scoped and mobile applications),
  • Best practices for tables and columns:
    • Namespaces and prefixes,
    • Avoiding problems with update sets.
  • JavaScript naming convensions for variables, classes and functions,
  • Organising code – working with Script Includes and UI Scripts,
  • Client-side scripting:
    • No / low code approach,
    • Ensuring unique names,
    • Running server logic from client-side,
    • Synchronous or asynchronous – where and why / How to go asynchronous in onSubmit,
    • Avoiding direct HTML modifications.
  • Server-side scripting:
    • GlideRecord and GlideAggregate APIs,
    • Validations – Why they should be done server-side,
    • Business rules – specific type of server-running logic,
    • Context of “current” record,
    • Passing data from and to client side – JS type conversion,
    • Scripitng in ACLs.
  • Creating UI elements with Jelly,
  • Scripting in workflows:
    • Calling server code,
    • Defining own activities,
    • Subflows and passing data between parent and child.
  • Events and notifications
  • Multi-language environment (working with internazionalisation),
  • Debugging:
    • JS log, Field watcher and JS Executor,
    • System logs – types and levels,
    • Built in Script Debugger.
  • Tools to make working with ServiceNow easier:
    • ServiceNow Utils – useful browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox,
    • Xplore – better way to debug,
    • VS Code integration – official ServiceNow plugin.