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New mobile capabilities – apps

For whom: Admin, Developer

Format: ONLINE

Duration: 2 days

Price: 3.990 PLN net

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The Mobile training guides you through the basic setup of the mobile application in ServiceNow. You get familiar with the building blocks available to you and learn to configure the look and feel of the app.


Training program

  • Introduction:
    • ServiceNow Mobile Overview,
    • Differences between Now Mobile, Mobile Agent and Mobile Onboarding Apps,
    • Plugins used for the mobile application,
    • Creating mobile application + Mobile Studio,
    • Basic building blocks of the application.
  • Create basic “Reservation App” (Agent):
    • Preparation for the mobile functionality,
    • Basic setup of the application,
    • Creating applets – data item for reservations,
    • Creating applets – basic list and form of reservations,
    • Creating applet launchers and navigation configuration – reservations & rooms,
    • Linking with standalone forms – field functions – view the room record,
    • Creating related lists – list of reservations for the room,
    • Quick Action configuration – create new reservation,
    • Footer Action configuration – edit the reservation,
    • Header icon configuration – create access to your profile.