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Domain Separation

For whom: Admin, Developer, Governance/Audit

Format: ONLINE

Duration: 2 days

Price: 4.990 PLN net

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Domain Separation training allows you to learn how to implement Domain Separation the right way, to maintain data and process separation across all your domains in an MSP or single-tenant environment. You’ll get to know the concept behind Domain Separation, learn how to tailor this feature to your needs, and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls. The training includes a lot of useful do’s and don’ts, tips & tricks, and other lessons learned.


Training program

  • Main domain separation purposes,
  • Licensing and installation,
  • Data separation levels – ACLs, Query Business Rules, Domain Separation plugin or separate physical instances?
  • Domain separation architecture – how is it achieved in ServiceNow, how database handles it,
  • Domain Map overview and default domain – TOP/Default,
  • Using external domains configuration instead of OOTB “Domain” [domain] table,
  • Data vs. configuration – differences in inheritance and visibility,
  • User’s domain – configuration in user’s profile using “Domain” and “Managed Domain” fields,
  • Domain picker – temporary domain context switching,
  • Additional domain visibility – mechanism to enable users to see domain that is not directly accessible through domain tree,
  • Creating domain-separated tables and separating existing ones,
  • Overriding items from global or different domain,
  • Domains in “Customer Updates” [sys_update_xml],
  • Domains in server-side scripting,
  • Useful domain tricks.