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Configuration Management

For whom: Fullfiller

Format: ONLINE

Duration: 2 days

Price: 3.990 PLN net

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Configuration Management training provides a solid foundation in ServiceNow Configuration Management. You’ll have a thorough understanding of concepts, principles, and platform features that enable you to successfully implement and maintain CMDB. The training allows not only to receive theoretical knowledge but also provides hands-on experience, real-world examples, and highlights IT challenges.


Training program

  • Introduction to the CMDB:
    • Basic concepts and principles,
    • Considerations and requirements,
    • Key challenges, critical success factors, risks,
    • Relationship with other processes.
  • Design Configuration Management Database:
    • Goals and objectives,
    • Governance model,
    • Configuration plan.
  • Use and configure the CMDB in ServiceNow:
    • Using the CMDB,
    • CMDB Schema Model,
    • CMDB Health,
    • CMDB Lifecycle Management,
    • CMDB Identification and Reconciliation,
    • Best practices.
  • Populate the CMDB:
    • Importing into the CMDB,
    • Discovery,
    • Integrations,
    • Other options.
  • Maintain the CMDB health:
    • CMDB Health Dashboard,
    • Manage duplicate configuration items,
    • Configuration item reclassification,
    • Remediation capabilities.
  • Assets:
    • Basic concepts and principles,
    • Asset and CI management,
    • Asset classes,
    • Asset lifecycle.

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