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Do you ever struggle

with finding an available room to hold a meeting or call?  Were you late, trying to find a parking space?

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With current increasing number of teleconferences and raising popularity of hot desking, booking a right place in the office became even more important. We recognized the challenge and we have a solution! 

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Manage your office space with ease

BookMe is an easy to setup and easy to use application which allows your employees to check availability and book Rooms, Workspaces or Parking Spaces, whenever they need to be in the office.

It is focused primarily on the End User experience, providing intuitive Desktop and Mobile design, allowing Users to quickly make and manage their bookings.


BookMe is Certified for the ServiceNow Store. It supports New York, Orlando, Paris versions. The App is natively built on the ServiceNow platform. 

Multiple options for various needs

The Users can select multiple preferred timeslots for both Workspaces and Parking Spaces, add additional filters based on Location, Building, Floor, Room Type or even use a quick text search. Suggestions are shown dynamically, presenting the “best-match” options first. 

Maximum precision with the Detailed View

In the Details View, Users can see more detailed information about every object. They can also download an image with the map/floorplan/directions. 


There is also a simple Cart System allowing Users to preview and adjust their booking before they check out. 

Use QR codes for a smooth mobile experience

Mobile experience was enriched with the possibility to scan QR Codes to immediately check the availability of any object, e.g. a Conference Room, and book it “ad-hoc” if needed. As an admin, you can automatically generate a QR code for each object and then add them anywhere you like. 


You have simple but flexible configuration possibilities to tailor the behavior of the App to your User’s needs. Each bookable object (workspace / parking space) can have a photo, additional description, a map/floorplan added and more. 

Report and anlalyze your office capacity

Included reporting templates will allow you to set up your preferred reports and analyze the current capacity and utilization of your Workspaces and Parking Spaces. 



Why BookMe?


  • Great User experience, Desktop and Mobile*.

A lot of UX thought was put into making the booking process quick and efficient.

*currently, BookMe does not depend on the Native Mobile App for ServiceNow. It is enough for Users to navigate to the BookMe Portal on a mobile device. 


  • BookMe is fully self-contained, meaning you don’t need any other apps or plugins.

Just configure the room structure and bookable objects and you are good to go!

If you would like to synchronize BookMe with your existing solutions, we are happy to evaluate any request.


  • BookMe is very lightweight and easy to set up, yet it offers flexible configuration possibilities.

Set up working hours, shift lengths, weekends etc. differently for each of your companies, departments or user groups. 


  • The app is very versatile.

For every bookable object, you can go with a more specific “Individual” approach, allowing you to configure each desk/parking space

individually, or use a quicker “Generic” approach without specifying individual physical work-/parking spaces.  


  • Achieve great results with minimum cost and effort. 

BookMe is all about achieving those Quick Wins! 


Key Features:


  • Easy to set up and easy to use.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface for both Desktop and Mobile devices.
  • Search for, filter, view details and book your preferred Workspaces / Parking Spaces.
  • Book for one or multiple timeslots at once. Add to cart, review and finish your booking.
  • See an overview of all your existing bookings and release unneeded bookings anytime.
  • Scan QR Codes to view availability information for a Workspace / Parking Space and book ad-hoc if needed.
  • Locate other users based on their existing bookings.
  • Report on Capacity and Utilization of Workspaces / Parking Spaces.
  • Application supports translations. 

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