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Agile PPM App - ServiceNow

Agile PPM App is a ServiceNow-based application for project management, which is a fruit of our 10-year experience in the ServiceNow project delivery. The product was designed with the facilitation of project management activities in mind. Designed by our developers for the practitioners, i.e. for our project teams and for themselves.

Benefits of Agile PPM by role

Our Agile PPM App offers you a range of dashboards for comprehensive project management and collaboration enhancement. Each stakeholder gets a set of tools to, based on their role in the project, manage resources and/or track and plan activities.

For your customers

Customers get a dashboard with the access to all actionable items, staying up to date with the project progress and current stage.

For your project managers 

Project managers get manager dashboards and sprint burnout charts to have full control over the project delivery. Equipped with a set of hands-on tools, you are able to plan for activities, eliminate bottlenecks, track current stage, overall project progress and budget.

For your resource managers 

Resource managers get a comprehensive dashboard to plan and allocate resources to any type of engagements or tasks planned. The dashboard offers a simplified and holistic view on resources, allowing to optimize capacity KPIs.

For your developers/consultants

Developers / consultants get a dashboard for work management. It provides a scalable view on all your project, epic, story activities ahead. You have all the necessary tools to create backlog and add architecture to stories, that you can review, estimate, comment, track history of updates and changes – in one place.

Above all these, the application allows to:

  • Plan absences,
  • Report task execution time,
  • Project costs and optimize resource allocation,
  • Immediately act upon interventions required.

The solution is designed to facilitate software development projects, as well as support, maintenance, and testing activities. With some minor tweaks applied, it allows to support any kind of project management activities.

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