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ServiceNow ITSM (IT Service Management) answers shared services organizations’ needs in the area of cost-efficient and optimized IT service delivery.

The solution applies Artificial Intelligence like Virtual Agents and Machine Learning to deliver top quality ITSM experience to your business.

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The cornerstone ITSM goals & applications

The cornerstone goals of the ITSM automation on ServiceNow are:

  • Enable self service and self help with the application of virtual agents,
  • Improve IT service and facilitate IT support teams’ work with the use of predictive intelligence,
  • Ensure transparency of operations and performance.

In turn the cornerstone ITSM applications are:

  • Incident Management,
  • Problem Management,
  • Change Management,
  • Request Management
  • Release Management,
  • Asset & Cost Management.

Self service & Virtual Agent

Self service and virtual agents let your employees get help, choosing from a list of concise and clear options. The ServiceNow ITSM suite applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Learning (NLP) to facilitate adoption for your teams, and empower them with self service.

AI & self-service can help your end user for example:

  • Reset password,
  • Search knowledge base,
  • Submit & track IT support tickets,
  • Request service/change via chat, getting an instant feedback from a virtual agent.

Predictive intelligence

Predictive Intelligence is made up of repetitive task automation, major incident management, analytics.

Repetitive task automation helps limit the volume of low value tasks and human error caused by multiple categories and assignment groups to choose from. ServiceNow uses past data based Machine Learning and allows to automate routine activities like:

  • Initial assessment,
  • Categorization,
  • Prioritization,
  • Overall ticket/request/issue management.

Major Incident Management allows to identify major incident and alert your service desk team, delivering:

  • Suggestions of the links between a new issue and the already registered major incident,
  • Notifications that an issue should be reprioritized to a new major incident – here your agents can start working upon a new major
    incident proposal and its resolution.

Advanced tools in ServiceNow

ServiceNow offers a set of tools, including workspaces and workbenches, to facilitate cross business process management. They are applicable also to ITSM, delivering transparent and user friendly work management dashboards for efficient and timely execution of your deliverables.

Agent Workspace  

Incident Reporting provides you with instance data status reporting (e.g. number of open incidents by priority group). It’s available for each table except for system tables. Offers a web and mobile application, incl. reporting and management.

Now Platform Agent Workspace

Continuous Improvement Workbench  

Continuous Improvement Management (CIM) application for improvement implementation. It allows to divide the implementation into phases and tasks, track goals execution and measure outcomes.

Flow Designer  

Flow Designer is an integrated environment applying natural language processing and drag & drop tools to allow non-programmers process automation (approvals, tasks, notifications, and record operations) without coding.

Now Platform Flow Designer Drag & Drop

Incident Reporting  

Incident Reporting allows you instance data status reporting (e.g. number of open incidents by priority group). Available for each table except for system tables.

Service Mapping  

Service Mapping provides a complete map of all the services within your organization, incl. devices, apps, and configuration profiles.

Now Platform ITSM Service Mapping

Visual Task Board  

ServiceNow Visual Task Board (VTB) delivers a dashboard that incorporates navigation for lists and forms in your organization.

Now Platform Visual Task Board

Service Portal  

Service Portal provides administrators with a framework to develop mobile-friendly self service platform for end users.

Now Platform Service Portal & Virtual Agent

Virtual Agent  

Virtual Agent is a platform for user assistance provided via instant communicator interface, which is supported by natural language understanding.

Now Platform Service Portal & Virtual Agent

Knowledge Base  

Mobile version of Knowledge Base that contains articles featuring self-help, troubleshooting, and task resolution guidelines. Available by default from Madrid release on (check the full list here).

Now Platform Knowledge Base - mobile

The success of the ITSM implementation is conditioned by service design and how it meets end user’s expectations and overall experience. Aware of the obstacles your organization may face during the launch of the new solution, ServiceNow delivers AI and NLP-based solutions with user experience at the core of each delivery.

Reach out if you have any questions regarding ServiceNow ITSM or its licensing.

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