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ServiceNow ITOM is a dedicated suite for the IT Operations Management in terms of cloud infrastructure in your organization.

IT Operations Management suite

The ITOM suite is made up of 3 applications, each offering a set of features dedicated to the enhancement of your IT operations delivery:

ITOM Visibility

The solution provides you with a comprehensive view of the infrastructure and services in your IT, enables tracking of changes and automates creation of records in your CMDB (Configuration Management Database).


The feature hosts physical and logical configuration items aka CIs (servers, switches, routers, virtual machines, storage, databases, and apps). It shows relationships between all of them as well as upstream and downstream dependencies between the apps.

Service Mapping

Based on the infrastructure data, the feature delivers complex maps of the services in your organization, at the same time detecting all the CIs that aid a particular service.

ITOM Health AIOps

A machine learning based solution enhanced with advanced analytics provides you with a view of correlated events and automates adaptation to changes in your cloud environment.

Event Management

The feature extracts data from your monitoring solutions, providing a compilation of correlated events and creating alerts in your CMDB, with the inclusion of adequate CIs.

Operational Intelligence

Based on AIOps and defined normal behavior models, the feature warns you in case of atypical behaviors, at the same time automating definition of such events and thresholds, thus streamlining lookout for solutions to them.

ITOM Optimization

A solution for the complex management of cloud infrastructure costs. Made up of 2 complementary features (described below), it supports Amazon Web Services and Azure:

Cloud Management

The feature hosts your entire cloud portfolio, including private and public infrastructure and services, offering hands on management tools and cost transparency.

Cloud Insights

Available in the ServiceNow store, the feature is a complex tool for the cost management of your cloud infrastructure, at the same time ensuring the enhancement of your cloud operations and following cost efficiency.

Benefits of ServiceNow Platform ITOM

ServiceNow ITOM suite offers your organization:

  • Optimization of your issue cause detection and adequate solution implementation,
  • Reduction of cloud utilization, following burden and costs,
  • Overall enhancement of your cloud infrastructure transparency as well as cost and delivery management strategy.

Reach out to learn more about the suite and discuss licensing offer.