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ServiceNow ITBM is an integrated IT Business Management suite for business operations and governance in your entire organization. The suite is integrable with all other components of your ServiceNow instance, and provides you with the tools to:

  • Manage ideas and demands,
  • Optimize resources,
  • Manage projects,
  • Track time spent on different activities by your employees,
  • Manage budget and map costs with all the business units in your organization,
  • Have a comprehensive insight into performance and advanced reporting.

ITBM suite

The ServiceNow ITBM suite offers a range of features and components, as described below.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a user friendly, collaboration oriented platform for Project Portfolio Management and IT development via a choice of applications like:

Demand Management integrated with Ideation

A set of workbenches for the centralized management of strategic and operational demands, in a single location. The above tools are integrated with Ideation module for users to submit ideas and for demand managers to assess these before they are promoted to demands.

Project Portfolio Management

A set of workbenches for the comprehensive management of all scale portfolios and related programs, projects, tasks, resources and demands.

Resource and Time Management

A set of workbenches for the management of resources utilization that allows your organization to prepare resource plans, request resources and monitor their availability and workload. It can be linked with any task handled via the platform.

Application Portfolio Management (APM)

A ServiceNow Platform solution for an enhanced management of the applications applied in your organization. It delivers features for app classification, performance metrics measurement, analytics, and reporting. Combined with the possibility to create roadmaps for application portfolio development, they allow you to plan and optimize overall application portfolio budget and investments.

Agile Development

An Agile application for the iterative, incremental and flexible execution of software development projects. It offers a selection of tools for SCRUM or waterfall management of projects: from development, through testing, to tracking, that successfully enhance the entire lifecycle of your deployments.

Financial Management

An application for expense allocation, tracking and reporting. It allows your organization to holistically process expenses, match them with the features applied in IT and monitor their cost effectiveness.

Benefits of ServiceNow Platform ITBM

The complex choice of workbenches, workspaces and dashboards delivered within the ServiceNow ITBM gives your organization:

  • Visibility – every stakeholder is up to date with the process progress and costs, bringing your organization solid foundation for well informed decisions,
  • Alignment – all investments are aligned with goals and objectives of your business, and allow your organization to eliminate time and resource wastes caused by projects that do not bring value,
  • Acceleration – visibility and alignment achieved with the dedicated tools for business management, that bring your organization overall IT activity enhancement and accelerate your delivery.

Reach out if you have any questions regarding the suite or its licensing.