ServiceNow HRSD

ServiceNow HRSD is an integrated HR Service Delivery suite dedicated to digitize and streamline all HR processes and activity, within a single platform. HRSD levels up your employee experience by:

  • Access to all services in a single place,
  • Improvement of HR and IT productivity,
  • Enhancement of cross-functional workflows,
  • Optimization of the entire employee service lifecycle.
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HRSD suite

The HR Service Delivery suite is made up of a set of complementary applications for:

Case and Knowledge Management

An application to standardize your employee processes, documentation, data, inquiries and interactions.

Employee Service Center

A portal to share and access information and all HR and employee support services. Available for all your teams as a part of the web-based suite or in the form of a standalone mobile app.

Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions

An application to automate the entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding through relocation and cross-department interaction to offboarding. Also available as a part of the web-based suite or in the form of a mobile app.

The suite can be additionally aided by separately subscribed apps:

Employee Document Management

An application to digitize your employee documents and data, facilitating both access and their processing via automated workflows.

HR Performance Analytics

An application for advanced analysis and reporting on the delivery and standard of your HR services. It gives you full visibility into all HR aspects, providing a hub for observation of changes or trends and 3 key business drivers: Employee Experience to check for overall impressions internally, NPS to see how employees rate your organization externally, Retention Rates to make sure your employees are satisfied, motivated, and willing to stay with you.

You choose the components to make up a final suite for your organization. With each setup offering domain separation, you can logically separate data, processes and tasks into individual domains, based on your individual categorization criteria.

Benefits of ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

Benefit from the ServiceNow HRSD suite and enhance employee experience achieved as a result of:

  • Automation of all your HR processes,
  • Digitalization of paper employee documents,
  • Improvement of HR service delivery and interrelated collaboration with the departments like IT, facilities, finance, legal.

Reach out to identify and address the challenges faced by your HR and discuss the suite and its licensing options.

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