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ServiceNow CSM is a comprehensive Customer Service Management suite offering applications to enhance your customer service delivery and customer experience.

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Customer Service Management suite

To deliver top quality customer service, the ServiceNow Platform suite offers your organization applications that incorporate sophisticated tools for:

Customer Service Management

A personalized self-service web portal to ensure flawless communication experience over services and assistance provided to your customers via email, chat, telephone, and online, including also social media. Your customer service agents are interconnected with all the departments whose assistance is necessary to resolve a particular case.

Community Development & Management

A hub for interaction among all customer service stakeholders – employees, partners, customers, prospects, sales qualified and marketing qualified leads.

Field Service Management

An application for the management of work to be done locally, inhouse. You can organize your customer service agents’ tasks based on their area of expertise, geographical location, and availability, and your agents get can log tasks delivered, their delivery time and travels.

Operator workspace

A workspace for the proactive resolution of issues, even before your customer notices it. Thanks to clear insights into the entire infrastructure and dependency view, you can detect which elements may impact service you provide and react before it is flagged by your customer.

Knowledge Management

A knowledge base application for the storage of articles featuring self-help, best practices for troubleshooting and task execution. It’s equipped with a search engine, along with browse and feedback mechanisms. You can create, categorize and review articles, which at the final stage are subject to the approval of knowledge base administrator.

Planned Maintenance

An application for the comprehensive asset maintenance across your organization, working in sync with service management applications. Your users work with maintenance plans, dedicated to automating your work order and facility request management.


A communication frame for the integration of your instance with external telephony systems, whereas ServiceNow provides you with the OpenFrame API. Your customer service agents can manage calls right from the ServiceNow instance.


An application for the integration with the Twilio telephony service, so you can manage calls and text via your ServiceNow instance.

Customer Service Management suite is a part of the integrated platform solution, so can utilize all the native ServiceNow Platform capabilities:

  • To deliver prompt support by an agent within Agent Workspace,
  • To resolve customer cases agentlessly, with the use of Self Service, Virtual Agent, Knowledge Base.

Learn more about the ServiceNow Platform capabilities and features here in the ITSM section.

Benefits of ServiceNow CSM

The complexity of the suite brings an leveled up customer experience, that benefits all your stakeholders:

  • Your employees get all the tools facilitating customer service delivery,
  • Your customers get a hands on self-service and access to knowledge,
  • Your business gains pro-active approach, boost in customer satisfaction and following customer engagement, translating into brand positioning and revenue.

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