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SPOC is an ELITE ServiceNow Partner!

23 June 2020 /

Authors: Agnieszka Milecka - Marketing Manager

We’ve been involved in the ServiceNow delivery for 10 years, getting promoted to an ELITE ServiceNow partner today!

To be in the Elite ServiceNow Partner segment, a partner needs to meet specific criteria in terms of the go-to-market and offering development maturity. Learn more about these below.

ServiceNow Partner segments

There are 4 maturity segments for ServiceNow partners to go through, going top-down:

  1. Global Elite (our next milestone to reach)
  2. Elite – SPOC promoted in 2020,
  3. Premier (SPOC promoted in 2017 – at that time this was “a Silver segment”),
  4. Specialist (SPOC promoted in 2016 – at that time this was “a Bronze segment”),
  5. Registered (SPOC joined the ServiceNow Partner Ecosystem in 2010, as a dedicated team in MWT Solutions).

The promotion from the down segments to the top ones takes place gradually, segment by segment. It’s all about:


  • Customer satisfaction – to deliver implementations valuable to customers, who are willing to share their opinion about the cooperation and delivery answering CSAT surveys (check ours here),
  • Platform training – to get and further expand the platform knowledge with completing certified trainings and exams by all the stakeholders on the partner’s end who take part in the sales, pre-sales, consultancy, and delivery processes (check our results here),

The former is the end result, whereas the latter is the foundation for the success of the go-to-market endeavors.


  • Platform implementations – to gain ServiceNow project delivery expertise and gradually enrich it within the new areas (ITSM, ITOM, ITBM, Security, GRC, HRSD, CSM, App Engine – check our results here),
  • ServiceNow apps development – to develop applications that successfully undergo ServiceNow certification and from then on are available on the Store (check our results here).

The assignment to a particular partner segment is a 365-rolling result. Thus it’s a continuous enhancement process – for the benefit of the customer, partner, and the very platform at the end of the day.

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