ServiceNow Fundamentals

April 7-9, 2020 / 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


ServiceNow Trainings

Trainer: Adam Bernaś

Price: 5950 PLN net

ServiceNow Fundamentals is a practice-based training, where attendees participate in real world, relevant lab exercises. The course features lecture and a wide variety of labs, tech talks, and an interactive discussion of a comprehensive, real-world example.

You will learn to

  • Explore lists and forms,
  • Identify the importance of branding and how to apply it to the platform,
  • Add users, groups, and roles,
  • Identify best practices related to task management,
  • Configure notifications,
  • Manage data with: tables, configuration management database / CMDB, import sets,
  • Generate basic reports and familiarize with benefits of performance analytics,
  • Protect Now Platform data,
  • Work with 2 key process applications on the Now Platform:
    • Knowledge Base,
    • Service Catalog,
  • Create workflow activities and approvals,
  • Implement Service Level Agreements,
  • Identify various available script types,
  • Upgrade and clone instances and create baseline performance metrics,
  • Capture and move configurations between instances.

Training requirements

The ServiceNow Foundations eLearning course – 6 modules introducing the Now Platform and interface.

ServiceNow Fundamentals addressees

This course is designed for all users, at all levels of advancement with the Now Platform, and looking to learn about the fundamental Now Platform features. The training can be run either in Polish or in English.


The training prepares you to the exam for a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator (the exam is not included in the course and is not compulsory). Following this course, ServiceNow recommends that attendees have at least 2-3 month hands‑on experience with the Now Platform before a the Certification Exam.




* The location may be subject to change, we’ll keep you posted if necessary.

Training Location


Reach out to us

Linda Dekhinet

Account Manager

+48 517 191 428

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