Mercer offers consulting and a wide range of research services in the areas of health and benefits, wealth and investments, workforce and careers, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

As a part of the business, the organization provides specialist reports, serving orders placed by clients located globally.

At Mercer, we selected ServiceNow to support our Order Management and Fulfilment processes. In partnership with SPOC, our reliable and efficient ServiceNow partner, we digitized 100% of our Order Management processes in just a few months.

Dima Medvedjko

  • Massive email flow, which lacked overall visibility,
  • All process stages relied on mailboxes and excel spreadsheets,
  • The orders were received via email and often required further interaction with the requestors,
  • Not clear at that time exactly how the solution should operate or what the process should look like.

The development required SPOC to use a project management methodology oriented to change management that allowed maximum flexibility

We started from a very high perspective, narrowing the focus with every sprint. After we defined the order management process, we developed a custom solution based on the Service Catalog.

The solution applies other OOTB tools and is integrated with PeopleSoft to equip ServiceNow with user data.


  • Holistic management of order-related processes,
  • Access to all related information in ServiceNow,
  • Automation of emailed content,
  • Automatic classification into orders, incidents, other types of messages,
  • Advanced order categorization and SLA assignment,
  • Every email triggers a sequence of related tasks.