Exide Technologies is a global manufacturer of the most innovative batteries available on the market for 100+ years. The company operates in 10 countries, providing 24/7 support in each location.


10,000 tickets a quarter | 8,000 global users | Operating in 10 countries | In 10 languages

I don’t think the end-users know about the translation app – everything is seamless and they feel they receive the normal support.

Our support agents love it! The translation is done within ServiceNow, they don’t have to leave the ticket each time, which saves them a lot of time and frustration.

Adam Kosakowski,
IT manager at Exide technologies

  • Too high cost of decentralized support services,
  • Ticket and reply translation required a support agent to leave the platform,
  • Increasing support agents’ frustration.

The final solution enables a number of enhancements, including:

  • Tickets from 2 continents handled in one location,
  • 1 working language in use,
  • Support in 10 languages,
  • Translation with 1 click,
  • Solution integrable with all ServiceNow apps.

  • Cost savings,
  • Increase in user satisfaction,
  • Reduced ticket resolution times,
  • No agent frustration.

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