Leverage UX audit to enhance Service Portal and prepare for the future 

About Veolia

Veolia is a multinational company that has been at the forefront of the environmental services industry for over a century with 160 years of history. With a global presence across 40 countries, Veolia has established itself as a dynamic leader in sustainable resource management, offering cutting-edge water, waste, and energy management solutions. From tackling the challenges of climate change to addressing issues related to resource depletion and environmental degradation, Veolia is committed to delivering innovative and efficient solutions that drive economic and social progress.

Main challenge: balanced visuals across multiple portals

One of the major challenges faced by Veolia was the need to enhance and modernize the visuals and user experience of their Service Portal theme, which was utilized across numerous portals. The company wanted to improve without completely revamping the design or restructuring the database. In addition, Veolia sought recommendations, insights, and visualizations to facilitate larger-scale enhancements, such as transitioning to an Employee Center. This required a delicate balance between refreshing the user interface and experience while maintaining the existing infrastructure and ensuring a seamless transition for users. The company recognized the importance of a UX audit in tackling these challenges and sought expert guidance to navigate this complex task effectively.

How we addressed it 

After recognizing the need for improvement in the visuals and user experience of their Service Portal theme, we stepped in. To understand the existing challenges and identify opportunities for enhancement, we carried out a comprehensive UX audit. It involved a meticulous analysis of the portal, scrutinizing its design, functionality, and user interactions. The outcome was a detailed report encompassing valuable insights and recommendations. 

Armed with these insights, Veolia decided to move forward with the next phase: the service portal update. We addressed various aspects of the portal’s design and user experience in this phase. We implemented typography improvements to ensure clear and legible text throughout the portal. We kept stylistic consistency, ensuring the design elements harmonised seamlessly across different sections. Copywriting guidelines were developed to make the portal’s language concise, informative, and user-friendly. 

Recognizing the importance of visual communication, we introduced new iconography and guidelines. These visual elements not only added visual appeal but also improved the and intuitiveness of the portal. Accessibility guidelines were also integrated into the update, ensuring that the portal was inclusive and accessible to users with diverse needs. 

We brought the envisioned improvements to life, serving as proof of concept and setting a benchmark for future enhancements across other portals.

Our perspective

Adam Bernaś

Enhancing user experience requires a multi-faceted approach, with numerous avenues to explore. Understanding the available options and solutions tailored to your specific case is the crucial first step toward meaningful change. By aligning your goals, budget, and internal feedback, you can make informed decisions that pave the way for transformative improvements and initiate the change process.

Adam Bernaś

Certified Master Architect at SPOC

Piotr Gornikiewicz

I firmly believe that adhering to UX best practices in portal design can greatly enhance end-user productivity, particularly in locating critical information. In a diverse environment, the path to finding what users need should be streamlined to the fewest clicks possible. A well-configured portal empowers users to navigate through the platform intuitively.

Piotr Górnikiewicz

Senior Account Executive at SPOC

Certified Master Architect

Senior Account Executive

Project’s highlights

  • Exploring the benefits of transitioning from the Service Portal to the Employee Center, enabling the client to gain insights and make informed decisions regarding prioritization, budgeting, and planning. 
  • Enhanced Service Portal theme for one of their portals, serving as a template for future improvements across other portals.  
  • The project’s focus on enhancing the visuals and user experience not only addressed immediate needs but also positioned the client for future growth and scalability, making it a strategic investment in their digital ecosystem. 

What are the UX audit benefits for Veoila? 

Visually pleasing portal – resulting in enhanced user sentiment    

Improved visibility and easier access to services

Enhanced accessibility through better visual clarity  

Informed decision-making and resource optimization.

Consistent branding and scalable portal enhancements

Updated Service Portal theme ready for implementation on other portals Increased awareness of the benefits offered by the Employee Center