Servicenow case study implementation logistics comapny

Next-level home office with a global logistics company

About our client

Logistics and transportation company is a British firm that offers complete supply chain solutions utilizing high-quality infrastructure, modern facilities, and proven IT systems like ServiceNow to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers. The organization is committed to developing employees, focusing on consistent quality and service to their customers by providing the employees with the skills, training, support, and opportunities. To deliver this, Logistics company has developed a Global Human Resources Team (GHR) that supports and encourages employee development activities within each region and at every location in the company.

Main goal: adjusting to the new reality

Since the COVID-19 outbreak working from home has become a norm for most companies. The problem was how to ensure workers with the needed office supplies like desks, monitors, etc. Client wanted to provide its employees with a simple, productive at-home office. As it was a big project, logistics company as a ServiceNow client, decided to get help from an experienced partner, SPOC.

CSM as a solution

SPOC proposed implementing either App Engine to address only the client’s employees or Customer Service Management (CSM), opting finally for the second one. The CSM was an optimal choice since it allows speed to market, cost and fulfilling clients’ expectations – all of it based on existing infrastructure. It could also support many external users, which in practice meant separating data, setting up accounts, and access management.

Our perspective

I count on further cooperation with client because the process we are creating is very innovative, and there is so much more we can add there. I hope the OIAB will continue to grow and that customer will be able to onboard multiple clients after the pilot launch.

Tomasz Sienkiewicz

R&D Manager at SPOC

Magda Kurzymska

I’m proud that we were able to implement such a custom solution for a client. I hope it will bring as many benefits as planned. Of course, I hope that our cooperation will continue to grow and create new opportunities to develop the platform. 

Magdalena Kurzymska

Project Manager at SPOC

R&D Manager

Project Manager

Development stages 

Thanks to the workshops, it was possible to create a backlog. SPOC with client agreed that the initial grand vision needs to be streamlined and scaled-down, beginning with an MVP and expansion in the next phases. The choice of CSM allowed the creation of 2 roles at customer – the fulfiller, responsible for the order processing and the requester that sends their order.  


The realization of the project was divided into 2 phases – both of them lasting three months. In the first phase, SPOC created a useful product, and in the second – improved the visual aspect. SPOC decided to start with a solid requirement analysis and workshops that allowed further discussions, presenting a short CSM demo for our partner.  

SPOC’s roadmap: 


  • Sprint 1 – launching CSM, service catalogue, creating basic test accounts, separating Office In The Box orders from basic OIAB Portal set-up  
  • Sprint 2 – workflow, portal customization, “completing” the process 
  • Sprint 3 – integration with the WMS system for sending order information from ServiceNow and receiving Estimated Time of Delivery as well as Actual Time of Delivery back to ServiceNow  

Benefits from cooperation with SPOC 

A portal where requesters can choose and order necessary home office equipment

The logic for the ticket system, a complete set-up for new clients and automatization in terms of adding people to different groups

Administration back-end to define access and available products for the clients

Possibility to add new integrations and additional configurations like allowance and approvals

Highly adaptable additional functionalities, e.g., health and safety materials for a smooth onboarding

Fixes of existing instance problems, e.g. admin access rights or portal widgets, additional UX support

What does the client say?

We didn’t think we could achieve such an ambitious plan. Together with SPOC, we worked out the project phases, the required elements and enhanced them with entirely new capabilities. Certainly, a great advantage of cooperation is the flexible approach and competence of the project team – together, we create unique solutions for us. 

Customer representative

European ServiceNow and Service Desk Manager