HealthCheck by SPOC for checking your ITSM instance

Baltic e-identity

SK ID Solutions is an Estonian company specializing in global e-identity solutions that enables citizens of different countries to log in to e-services and access electronic signatures. The company cooperates with nearly 1000 organizations, including financial, healthcare, education, and other private and public sector e-services. It also partners with the Estonian government in issuing certificates for ID cards, Mobile-ID, Digi-ID, etc. The main markets are Baltic and Nordic countries, which have been issued with 3 000 000 authentication tokens by SK ID Solutions.

Main challenge: improve instance work

The Customer needed to perform an inspection to check the instance’s general health and develop some areas of ServiceNow, like improving the look of the Service Portal or translation uniformity. There were also some inconsistencies related to flows in Flow Designer and Workflow Editor. Notification content for assets displayed wrong ticket numbers. Checking instance performance in areas used commonly (Incident Management, Change Management, Assets, Service Catalog) was the main task to ensure protection and security of ServiceNow.

Project stages

HealthCheck is a service provided by SPOC Maintenance & Development Team. During this project, our automated scripts verified the performance of the SK ID Solutions ServiceNow instance. After accepting the proposed estimate and scope on the instance, the M&D Team performed a manual inspection and ran an automatic assessment. The Customer received a data report in one file, and during an additional session, we discussed the results and explained the impact of the specified elements on the whole instance. Also, we proposed additional workshops to discuss more complex issues. As a result of the project, we fixed problematic notifications and most of the problems related to flows. SPOC M&D proposed new improvements that could be implemented on the customer instance – e.g., Change Management process, ITOM, security improvements.

Our perspective

SK ID Solutions wanted to focus on checking instance performance in areas used commonly (Incident Management, Change Management, Assets, Service Catalog) and security level. We provided clear information about the inspection results with potential impact on the instance and based on the results, we could propose few improvements. During the work with SK ID Solutions, we learned how effectively we can verify security of the instance in order to propose an effective plan to strengthen this aspect.

Milena Szklarska-Behlke

Engineering Manager at SPOC

Engineering Manager

Benefits for SK ID Solutions

Full-service coordination, also including ServiceNow activities

Attractive price, lower than competitive services

Clear report that was the basis for further work and discussions

Unlimited consultation sessions to discuss report results

Knowledge about new features available on the ServiceNow platform

Opening the instance and the company for further development with new ServiceNow products

What does the client say?

HealthCheck is an innovative solution from SPOC. Through that, we quickly discovered areas to improve our ServiceNow instance. SPOC’s specialists showed commitment to the project. During the consultation, they identified targeted improvements. SPOC has great knowledge of the ServiceNow platform.

Rene Karjus

Internal Services Team Lead at SK ID Solutions