Gaspol case study ITSM Servicenow

Fast ServiceNow and Jira integration

About Gaspol

The Polish leader of the liquid gas market, part of the world-leading company – SHV Energy, offers modern technological solutions. Thanks to 30 years of experience in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) market, they have an excellent knowledge of gas suppliers and the sources. Gaspol has its own modern infrastructure with three reloading terminals, five liquid gas plans and a specialized tank fleet for LPG and LNG transport. Thanks to three different terminals’ locations, the company offers flexibility concerning suppliers. The extensive dealership, constantly growing distribution centre net and 20 000 points of sale in Poland. Gaspol is one of the top multi-energy companies in Europe.

Main challenge: many areas, several parties

After initial analysis, we identified four main areas that needed attention: ITSM – Handling of incidents and service requests for improvements || Measures for processes and reporting || CMDB || Team utilization and work time reporting.


The handling of incidents and service requests related to improvements in the ITSM area was selected as a pilot implementation. The project involved several parties, including: 

  • Gaspol employees responsible for overall coordination, requirements delivery and acceptance testing support 
  • SHV Energy as the owner of the ServiceNow platform,  
  • Accenture as the company managing the ServiceNow platform on behalf of SHV 
  • Sii managing the Jira platform on behalf of Gaspol 

Our perspective

Direct cooperation with all project stakeholders allowed for flexible adaptation of the solution to the client’s needs. Thanks to that, we shortened the communication paths to the minimum.

Adam Niewęgłowski


Filip Świętek

The implementation uses new solutions available on the ServiceNow platform like Jira Spoke in the Integration Hub. It allowed us to speed up the work compared to writing a fully custom integration. At the same time, required handling many exceptions and introducing a few improvements due to the limitations of the box tool.

Filip Świętek

ServiceNow Developer at SPOC


ServiceNow Developer

How we adressed it?

During the pilot implementation, together with our stakeholders, we implemented direct integration between the ServiceNow and Jira systems. The change concerned both incident reporting forms and service requests, as well as mapping and data processing logic during the exchange between systems. We handled the exceptions to ensure smooth work. We opted for using Integration Hub/Jira Spoke plug-in to support ServiceNow integration. The actions taken by the end-users were modified on an ongoing basis as a part of improvements during testing sessions. The result of the pilot project was the introduction of two-way, automatic integration of the ServiceNow and Jira systems in the assumed implementation area.

Project’s phases

The pilot implementation consisted of several phases, including:

Product workshops to collect the customer’s initial requirements along with the assumed mappings between the systems.

A meeting inaugurating the project to confirm the main goals, scope and assumptions of the project, raise the identified risks and agree on responsibility, communication and escalation channels among the main stakeholders of the project.

The implementation of the solution and joint demonstration and test sessions.

Introduction of changes and improvements along with solution acceptance tests.

Knowledge transfer session, including documents on high and low-level architecture and the solution transfer plan for other environments.

Assistance in transferring the solution code between the client’s environments and final acceptance of the solution.

What does the client say?

The integration of ServiceNow and Jira allowed us to minimize the number of tools used by the maintenance team. It improved the development procedures and shortened the path between the developer and the reporter thanks to the possibility of direct contact (synchronization of comments between systems).

Tomasz Kobusiński

Systems maintenance and implementation coordinator at GASPOL