Data-Driven Transformation: Elevating Law Firm Efficiency with ServiceNow


Our client is a British multinational law firm, headquartered in London, England. Founded in 1838, it is a member of the “Magic Circle” of elite London-headquartered law firms. In a sweeping transformation, our client introduced Secretarial Services, a novel approach to managing secretarial tasks across practice groups. Shifting away from the conventional model of assigning secretaries to individual fee earners, they adopted a unified approach to streamline operations and enhance task completion.

Main challenges

In navigating their journey towards streamlined excellence, the law firm grappled with several pivotal challenges: Balancing Workload Equilibrium: Orchestrating an equilibrium in task distribution among secretaries while maintaining a dynamic responsiveness to real-time demands. Effort Transparency and Analysis: Unveiling the intricate tapestry of effort expended by each secretary on diverse tasks, facilitating informed decisions to optimize productivity. Harnessing Fee Earner Insights: Crafting a conduit to channel insightful feedback from fee earners, illuminating avenues for continuous enhancement of service quality. Insight-Driven Decision Landscape: Transforming raw data into a wellspring of actionable insights to fuel the firm’s strategic and informed decision-making.


The law firm harnessed the power of ServiceNow, a robust enterprise cloud platform, to seamlessly integrate with their Secretarial Services implementation and tackle these challenges head-on, ushering in a new era of data-driven operational excellence.

1. Task Distribution: Leveraging ServiceNow, real-time task tracking became possible, offering a dynamic view of task volume throughout the workday. Trend diagrams illuminated task patterns, enabling precise coordination of secretaries across different times and locations, effectively balancing their workload.

2. Performance Evaluation: ServiceNow provided a window into the efforts invested by each secretary on specific tasks. Armed with this data, the management could provide tailored feedback, identify skill gaps, and offer targeted training to enhance individual and collective performance.

3. Feedback Ecosystem: With ServiceNow’s intuitive interface, collecting insightful feedback from fee earners regarding secretarial service quality became a streamlined process. This continuous feedback loop empowered the firm to refine and elevate their service offerings continually.

4. Data-Driven Strategic Making: ServiceNow’s transformative capabilities turned raw data into actionable reports, offering valuable insights into secretarial operations. Armed with this intelligence, the firm’s leadership made informed and strategic decisions to optimize operations.

Our perspective

Marta Piotrowska

Within this transformative tapestry, cohesive teams harmonize with data-driven insights. Through Secretarial Services, our client’s secretaries rally in unity, fortifying support to fee earners. The integration of ServiceNow ignites a paradigm where data unfurls strategic decisions, shaping task distribution dynamics and amplifying performance. This triumph galvanizes our pursuit to craft bespoke applications, perpetually refining operational effectiveness for our diverse clientele.

Marta Piotrowska

Senior Project Manager at SPOC

It may sound as exorbitence to use enterprise service management platform to manage even most simple business processes. The secret is to utilize the components that would bring values without overcomplicating process and allow to accelerate not changing the way of working that much. In my eyes this is what was achieved by this project – introducing new modern digital surface, reducing manual effort and incorporating far greater visibility and tracebility to the task handling process but still keeping simple things simple.

Sylwester Jassa

Presales Manager & Solution Consultant at SPOC

Senior Project Manager

Presales Manager & Solution Consultant

Success and Future Expansion

The implementation of Secretarial Services, seamlessly integrated with ServiceNow, reaped substantial rewards for the law firm. The shift to a cohesive secretarial unit drastically improved task turnaround times and completion rates, culminating in heightened operational efficiency.

Inspired by this success, the firm envisions extending this approach to other organizational functions, propelling continual operational effectiveness. By adopting similar custom applications, the firm aims to optimize various business processes, ushering in a new era of enhanced performance.

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Amplified Operational Efficiency: The cohesive secretarial approach, bolstered by data insights, propelled swifter task completion, optimizing the firm’s operational efficiency.

Elevated Service Quality: Fee earner insights facilitated continuous refinements, leading to an elevated quality of service that resonated throughout the organization.

Strategic Decision Empowerment: Armed with data-driven insights, the firm’s leadership fostered informed decisions, laying the foundation for future-proof strategies.

Enhanced Resource Allocation: Task distribution equilibrium facilitated by ServiceNow led to resource optimization, catering to real-time task demands effectively.

Cultivated Professional Growth: Effort transparency and analysis empowered targeted upskilling, enriching the skillset of secretaries and nurturing professional growth.

Iterative Advancement: The success of Secretarial Services and ServiceNow integration set the stage for broader applications, catalyzing perpetual operational enhancements.