What’s new in ServiceNow San Diego release?

The ServiceNow San Diego update

New release of ServiceNow is available now! Named after the city of San Diego, it brings many changes, new and shiny like the California sun, that will fire users’ imagination. The ServiceNow San Diego release includes not only improvements of the previous features but also services, products and events that are completely new.  A metamorphosed user interface, complete data automation, low-code innovations, IT Management Business transformed into Strategic Portfolio Management and Specific Industry Solutions – there are some examples of the new features. As always, we prepared a summary of the most important changes, just as we did with previous updates, to make your work better, faster and easier. We hope reading this article will make you ready for the next step – reading ServiceNow release notes for information about new features and preparing for the upgrade.

ServiceNow San Diego Release

New Experience UI (Polaris)

ServiceNow platform developers listen carefully to user feedback. Previous versions were criticized by users for unattractive design, unchanged since 2016. It was considered to be old-fashioned, distinctly different from other modern services. One of the most important changes in the ServiceNow San Diego is a user interface redesign and introduction of the new Next Experience UI (Polaris). ServiceNow completely changes user experience. The difference is not only about the colors, better typography or rounded edges – the new ServiceNow release UI delivers a modern and intuitive experience. This is the change you are going to love. San Diego upgrade focuses on personalization. Users have access to all the content and are able to create a new task – this function is not reserved for admin only but also for the user. All tasks, current and previous ones, can be easily viewed and added to Favorites. Applications in the platform are built on four tabs: All, Favorites, History and Workspaces. Each of them enables keyword search and viewing search results. San Diego also introduces a dark mode – something that many users have been asking for.

Here you can read about previous ServiceNow release – Rome.

Automation Engine with RPA

Every user of ServiceNow knows Integration Hub that enables integration with any API based system. San Diego introduces Automation Engine – excellent solution for automatization and integration. It connects Integration Hub with brand-new possibilities of RPA. Robotic Process Automation plays a key role in business process automatization, making it much easier and allowing to reduce time and money at the same time. The San Diego Release enables problem-free integration of old systems with ServiceNow and full automatization of manual processes. Human abilities are mimicked by artificial intelligence in the form of bots, also called “virtual workers”. It’s not only a change, it’s a real revolution.

Low-Code Innovations

Low-code platforms and citizen development are very popular terms in IT industry right now, considered to be game-changing features and the future of developing applications. This opinion is shared by ServiceNow – looking at new release, we understand why ServiceNow was named a leader in low-code development platforms. One of the most popular low-code platforms App Engine Studio with App Engine, a development tool for creators to build applications; another, for instance, is Mobile App Builder that helps to create mobile experiences. The new release introduces many features that are based on low-code solutions and require very little or no coding at all in order to make build application or processes. Users are given more freedom – you can use the platform the way you want to and adjust it to your businesses.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Formerly known in ServiceNow as IT Business Management, this feature undergoes a rebranding in ServiceNow San Diego Release. Now it is called as Strategic Portfolio Management. The new name reflects the changes – in comparison to the previous ServiceNow releases, San Diego has a bigger collection of applications, enabling their better integration. Strategic Portfolio Management allows you to see the entire life cycle of a service or an application, from idea to implementation, in one place. The San Diego release focuses also on Goals Management, an application you should pay attention to if you are responsible for strategic planning in your company. Some features, adapted to their needs, were created also for Solution Owners.

ESG management

ServiceNow San Diego release introduces ESG management – a completely new product that shows how the platform effectively responds to the problems of our time. Issues such as climate change or gender inequalities require taking action – this is more and more important for companies and their investors. ESG Management allows you to effectively manage ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) criteria that include relations with the environment, community of employees, suppliers and customers and management style. These criteria can be easily evaluated, improved, monitored and reported. ESG management enables also managing initiatives, processes and data about above-mentioned issues.

Industry Specific Solutions

Last but not least – ServiceNow San Diego Release offers many unique upgrades for specific industries, such as insurance, banking and telecommunications. As a result, functions such as Customer Service Management become easier to use than ever before. San Diego opens a world of new possibilities, primarily for healthcare, life sciences service management and financial services. The new features include new features for transactional data and dedicated data models.

ServiceNow San Diego release – prepare your company for the new!

One of the highest priorities at ServiceNow is platform security when it comes to protecting your information. With the new features and improvements to existing ones (for instance, areas as Field Service Management or IT Service Management were enhanced and updated), the San Diego release allows users to reach a new level of productivity and rise their skill levels. Summarizing new services and events, the biggest change is New Experience UI that meets the highest of expectations and improves user engagement. RPA & artificial intelligence as virtual workers enable full automatization of manual processes; IT Business Management has transformed into Strategic Portfolio Management. Low-code development innovations become increasingly popular and accessible, confirming they are the future of application development. The San Diego Release also introduces new products such as ESG Management or Industry Specific Solutions, dedicated to specific businesses. They improve work and make it faster and better, taking innovation to the next level.

Discover the possibilities of ServiceNow platform with the new services and make your work easier, faster and better thanks to all opportunities that San Diego release is opening for you now. Next experience is around the corner as another release – Tokyo – is coming at the end of the year. Prepare for the platform upgrade.