How to choose a ServiceNow partner? 10 tips to help you find the best partner for your organization

Few questions before you start

The decision was made – you are about to begin an extraordinary journey in the digital world of ServiceNow. Perhaps you are already the Platform user, want to add new capabilities and modules or upgrade your instance to the latest version. Maybe it’s your first time with ServiceNow. No matter if you’re planning a new ServiceNow implementation or developing an existing service or instance, you need a trusted ServiceNow partner to be your project guide. There are many ServiceNow partners, but finding the right one for your organization can be – but does not have to – quite a challenge. How to choose a trustworthy and committed ServiceNow partner? What criteria should you pay attention to?

Best practices – 10 things you should think about while looking for the best implementation partner

Define your expectations

There is no one way to choose a ServiceNow partner, but here are a few best practices, that will make your decision easier. To find the right ServiceNow partner, you need to answer a few questions about your organization. Why do you want to implement ServiceNow? What are your business needs? What do you want from your ServiceNow implementation partner? How do you imagine your business cooperation? What is important to you? Defining your expectations is the key to successful and long-term business cooperation. Having done it, choosing a partner will be much easier.

Verify the experience

One thing you should definitely pay attention to, is how experienced your ServiceNow partner is. What clients are working with the company, what implementations have been performed so far? The experience is a key factor that increases the chance of successful delivery, the customer satisfaction, customer success and project cooperation. Many years of practice are a guarantee of the ServiceNow company’s value, stability and expert position. A partner company who has done a lot of projects, but does not rest on its laurels, certainly has the potential to deliver value and be a good business partner.

Find a partner who shares the same values

There must be chemistry between you and your ServiceNow partner team. Your successful journey to success will not be simply about following your partners’ orders, but also about mutual respect and cooperation. It is a good start if you share the same views on work culture practices and values, and when you have a common denominator. Sharing the same values is not only the key to customer satisfaction. It is the crucial factor that makes a true partnership possible.

Find ServiceNow partners that work with the best

It is worth checking whether there are large, global companies in your partner’s portfolio of customers and business implementations. The market position, brand value and recognition of clients and customers your partner cooperates with, is a proof of its success and trustworthiness. If the partner works with the best customers, provide customer success and all sides are satisfied with this cooperation, there is a good chance that your business collaboration will also be fruitful.

Ask for industry references

In addition to strong market position and rich portfolio of clients, it is worth checking whether a partner has any references or expertise in your industry. If your client or organization deals with, for example, insurance, your partner should have already been responsible for consulting, implementation or servicing a client in this field. You can be sure that, as a result of previous consulting experience and expertise, your partner knows your business, its specifics, trends, challenges, problems and solutions. This knowledge facilitates further cooperation.

Check ServiceNow certifications

Detailed information on all certified partners can be found on the ServiceNow website. There, in the Partner Finder tab, you can read a description of the company, the scope of implementation it specializes in, areas of activity and a list of certificates.

Firstly, you should check whether a partner is certified in the services and modules you are interested in implementing. The certificate is a proof of your partner’s knowledge, expertise, specialization and capabilities and that these two factors are still developing. A good sign is that the potential partner has expert certificates, such as Certified Technical Architect and Certified Master Architect. In this case, you can count not only on extensive technical knowledge of ServiceNow, but also on real business support and expertise in translating your needs into the system architecture.

Ask your partner for a plan

The ServiceNow implementation is a part of a larger business & digital transformation. A good enterprise ServiceNow partner is not just a performer, but a real partner — your advisor, guide, and companion through this process. Your ServiceNow partner should support you and have a long-term plan for this cooperation.

It is really important to have business transparency. A reliable, trustworthy enterprise ServiceNow partner is ready to get resources and implement changes within the specified timeframe to your business needs and keep your organization running. However, you should be aware that implementing ServiceNow is a process. A good ServiceNow partner not only enables you to get resources and start implementations quickly, but also has a plan for the Platform development. Thanks to this strategy, you can fully use ServiceNow’s potential value for your own business needs.

Get information about additional services

If your ServiceNow partner provides additional Change Management services, it is a perfect solution. Advising on customer service management solutions during the implementation process and preparing your organization for the upcoming changes are additional values. Employees are used to a certain model of customer service management operation in the company. For example – holidays, purchases, incidents, requests, etc. have been reported in 10 different portals so far. Suddenly, employees can do it all in one place. This requires not only a change of approach and habits, but also a systemic change. A good implementation partner will support this. Training and proper communication of the upcoming changes are necessary. It’s good if your ServiceNow partner takes care of this issue.

Verify the number of specialists working for your ServiceNow implementation partner

The employees are the strength of your business. The strength of ServiceNow partners are the qualified specialists who deal with the Platform implementation, operations and development processes. Thanks to their knowledge, skills and experience, you are in good hands.

Information about the number of certified ServiceNow specialists in the company is also available on the ServiceNow website in the Partner Finder tab. In our many years of practice, it happened many times that large global companies asked us for help. Although they had a lot of work in the field of service and platform implementation, there was no one to do it. Our specialists with the appropriate certified qualifications, expertise, knowledge and experience were happy to help.

SPOC – your ServiceNow Elite Partner

SPOC is a ServiceNow partner you can trust. Since 2010, we have been cooperating with the largest companies and organizations in the world. We implement and own solutions, develop the Platform, conduct training, deliver, and provide customers and partners with the necessary support. We started as a team of a few people; today we are an Elite Partner, one of ServiceNow partners that works with the best. Furthermore, we are growing and developing together with ServiceNow. It will be a pleasure to become your business partner and work together on the success of your organization.

Feel free to contact us!

How to implement ServiceNow Service Management (ITSM) with minimal effort? FastTrack approach.

Are you struggling to implement ITSM within your organization? The SPOC FastTrack method acknowledged by ServiceNow offers a faster and better way to activate a service management solution with minimal effort. Not only does it provide a strong foundation for future growth and scalability, but it also allows you to see the benefits of ITSM right away. 

Why is ITSM implementation so hard?

ITSM implementation brings headaches to many companies due to a lack of resources. With limited staff, budgets, and knowledge, you may need to outsource most of the process to a service provider. The complexity of IT systems and processes can make them difficult to implement.

To face these problems, you need to take a proactive approach. This involves defining your goals, evaluating potential solutions, and preparing a comprehensive strategy before beginning the implementation. Having a team of knowledgeable professionals is also beneficial to help guide the process. It is worth remembering that ITSM implementations involve more than just software installation – they include policies, processes, and organizational change. 

Think of implementing ITSM as climbing Mount Everest. Taking a step-by-step approach may be the best option if your team is not well-experienced or lacks the necessary equipment. There are multiple ways to reach the summit, such as starting at base camp one and taking your time to acclimate (FastTrack) or attempting to reach the top in one go without stopping at the base (full ITSM implementation with customizations). Sounds scary? Don’t worry; keep reading to learn more about your options.

Read about 8 common ITSM implementation pitfalls and how to avoid them

All you need is an out-of-the-box ITSM solution

Implementing ITSM can be a long and challenging process, especially if you have to fulfil many different needs of your users and don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to it. That’s why many companies are turning to out-of-the-box solutions, such as SPOC FastTrack, to improve their IT service management.

An out-of-the-box ITSM solution is a fast, cost-effective, and easy way to get your IT service management up and running quickly. One of the biggest advantages of an out-of-the-box solution is that it does not require a heavy budget investment right away. This makes it an excellent option for companies on a tight budget who want to improve their IT service management.

Another advantage of out-of-the-box solutions is that they are less complex and less complicated to start, making it easy for you to get up and running quickly. This is especially true for companies that don’t have the know-how about coding, as out-of-the-box solutions usually come with a drag-and-drop feature for easy implementation. You don’t have to spend time and resources on customization. This can save your company time and money and allow you to focus on more critical tasks.

Last but not least, the user experience is significantly enhanced, visible through the new Employee Service Center Portal and Csat increases.

What is SPOC FastTrack?

The SPOC FastTrack ITSM solution streamlines IT service management by utilizing best practices recommended by  ServiceNow, saving time, money, and resources while minimizing project risks. It offers complete control, reporting, automation, self-service capabilities, and integrations. Additionally, it comes with added features such as mobile applications for end-users and fulfillers, a knowledge base, out-of-the-box reporting and dashboards for each process, and an agent workspace. The solution is user-friendly and easy to manage, requiring minimal technical knowledge. Training is included in the service, allowing mid-level administrators to take charge of it with ease.

The FastTrack method per ServiceNow recommendation is perfect if your company:

  • Is just starting its digital maturity journey and has a limited budget for ITSM implementation.
  • Is not yet advanced in SaaS usage or Cloud maturity and still relies on siloed systems and excel spreadsheets for company data.
  • Doesn’t need complex solutions and has a reasonable adoption rate for solutions not tailored to specific needs.
  • Is a small to medium-sized business, with employee counts ranging from 50 to 1000.

By investing in the FastTrack solution, you’ll get the foundations of ITSM in place, enabling you to improve and scale your capabilities as your company’s digital maturity journey progresses. With this solution, you’ll be able to manage your IT services more efficiently and effectively and return your investment in ServiceNow right away. Keep in mind that the FastTrack solution may not be suitable for organizations that require more complex solutions or have a very high level of customization needs. 

Read more about SPOC ServiceNow implementation here

ServiceNow ITSM FastTrack is a faster method for companies looking to streamline their IT service management processes out-of-the-box in no time for a minimum budget. It provides a comprehensive set of features that can help small and medium organizations improve their users experience and service delivery efficiency after only 14 weeks of deployment. SPOC as Elite partner of ServiceNow  has many projects  references within the European Institutions with high Csat score. No surprise as SPOC is working on a Fix Fee SOW basis.  Last but not least, ServiceNow SaaS technology is in use at DIGIT and is fully compliant with all EU regulations in terms of Data Security and Data protection.  SPOC services are very easy to procure via SIDE II framework agreement. 

  Philippe Bruls , Client Director

FAQ for out-of-the-box ITSM implementation

How does out-of-the-box ITSM implementation work? 

Answer: Out-of-the-box ITSM implementations are typically based on predefined processes and use templates or configuration wizards to help set up and roll out the solution quickly and easily. The goal is to provide an ITSM solution that is ready to use and can be up and running in less time than it would take to customize a solution from scratch.

What challenges do businesses face when implementing out-of-the-box ITSM implementations? 

Answer: The main challenge businesses face when implementing out-of-the-box ITSM implementations is that the solution may not meet the company’s specific needs. This could result in either the business having to customize the solution or having to look for alternative solutions. Additionally, the implementation process may require more time and resources than expected.

What are the minimum requirements for an out-of-the-box ITSM solution? 

Answer: The minimum requirements for an out-of-the-box ITSM solution typically include having a basic understanding of IT service management and the ability to access and use the solution’s interface. Additionally, you need a budget to buy the subscription or licence to use the solution. It is also important to have a team of people responsible for implementing, maintaining, and administrating the solution.

How to implement ITSM in the shortest time?

Implementing ITSM in the shortest time is possible using an out-of-the-box solution like SPOC FastTrack.

Here are some steps you can take to implement ITSM in the shortest time:

  1. Research and evaluate different ITSM solutions to fit your company’s needs and budget best.
  2. Choose an out-of-the-box solution like SPOC FastTrack, which is pre-configured and ready to use.
  3. Get your team trained to use the solution to make the implementation process go smoothly.
  4. Implement the solution in stages, starting with the most critical and high-priority areas of your IT service management.
  5. Use the solution’s drag-and-drop feature to make the implementation process as straightforward as possible.
  6. Monitor the implementation process closely and adjust as needed to ensure that the solution works as expected.
  7. Continuously measure and evaluate the solution’s performance and make changes to optimize the results.

Effective ITSM implementation explained in 7 steps

ServiceNow FastTrack implementation and ITSM implementations, in general, require a deep understanding of key topics such as meeting business requirements, system architecture, and configuration management to deliver detailed results and meet the needs of ServiceNow customers. Essential knowledge of problem management, major incident management, basic and advanced operations, and key performance indicators are prerequisites for a successful candidate in ITSM implementation. Maintainability and the ability to configure appropriate features are critical to delivering implementation solutions that meet the needs of the business. With the current release functionality and the registration process, ServiceNow FastTrack offers a solid foundation for ITSM implementation success, providing basic features for optimal configuration and support.

Philippe Bruls , Client Director

Get your ITSM in 3 months

By following these steps, you can quickly implement ITSM, allowing you to start managing your IT services more efficiently and effectively immediately. A great advantage of FastTrack is its speed – with a knowledgeable and experienced SPOC team, you will be able to go up and running in just three months. You will get the support needed from the specialists to make sure that the implementation is successful. Remember, you are not alone, you can always get help in evaluating your situation – we’re here to help. Contact us here.

5 practical tips for effective ServiceNow implementation

Before implementation

ServiceNow is a powerful technology platform that can drive digital transformation and process automation in large organizations. But implementation can also be frustrating and cumbersome. Based on my experience as an implementation consultant, you need to do these 5 things if you want to increase the odds of ServiceNow project success. Here are 5 tips for successful implementation of ServiceNow – the best practices you need to think about before starting your journey with ServiceNow platform.

Set clear business goals 

It’s time to begin, and let’s do it with the first step – business goals. When I join new ServiceNow implementation engagements, I like to ask myself some questions, and the most important ones are: “We need to consider, what are we doing here”? What do we want to accomplish by investing everybody’s time and effort into the project that will likely take months and cost millions? 

You have to answer this and the funny thing is, it is not always clear how.  

What is not so funny is that when it comes to a successful ServiceNow implementation, without clear business goals everybody involved in the project – without a single exception – struggles. And this is to be expected. The truth based on many case studies is: you don’t know where you’re going (at least roughly), you will (most likely) never get there. 

Before thinking about implementing ServiceNow, it’s time to approach what you want and what you have to accomplish. Think out of the box. Answering this question, ideally in measurable ways, makes it easier to select the ServiceNow product and services, including the right license package, assemble the team that is fit for the job, plan timelines and distribute tasks, destined to ensure a successful ServiceNow implementation.

Put boundaries on the scope

Scope creep is a real thing. It doesn’t come out of nowhere. It drains resources. It derails and frustrates teams. It delays go-lives. You don’t want to have these struggles in your project, definitely not in a major way. 

That’s why scope boundaries are needed. Ideally, they should flow from clear business goals. But they are more specific.  Your business goal may be migrating from your legacy ticketing solution to IT Service Management in ServiceNow within 3 months.  

Your scope should specify whether migrating existing tickets from a ServiceNow implementation of the old tool to the ServiceNow is part of the project. Or which ITSM processes (incident, change, problem, service request) will be part of implementing ServiceNow. Or whether Knowledge management is in scope too. And so on. 

The more you explicitly include and exclude from the scope, the easier it will be for everybody, including your ServiceNow implementation vendor and platform support team, to estimate their effort and manage ServiceNow delivery without drama. 

Put together the team  

I guess this is my personal favorite from all best practices to ensure the right ServiceNow implementation. IT systems are about technology, about the platform, but, out of the question, they are also the people.  People who collaborate to define business goals and scope. People who bring technical expertise to configure, customize and test your ServiceNow instance. People who drive and embed the change in your organization. People from the IT department, responsible for IT processes. And finally people who will be using ITSM applications, Customer Service Management, Project Portfolio Management, GRC, HR Service Delivery, Safe Workplace Suite, Event Management or whatever ServiceNow solution or product that you are planning to roll out. 

The quality of the team that you put together on your side (especially process owners and product owners) and the quality of the team your ServiceNow implementation vendor will bring to the table will to a large degree define the quality of a ServiceNow implementation. 

One fatal mistake I’ve seen is dismissing this good old human aspect of technical implementations based on the assumption that “technology will simply take care of itself” or “developers will just do it”. As disappointing as it sounds, we’re not there yet, not even close, and strong teams are key to successful ServiceNow projects.  

You’ll find even more practical tips how to avoid pitfalls in implementing ITSM ServiceNow here.

Follow the implementation process 

And strong teams work much more effectively if they operate within some framework. Let’s call it the implementation process of ServiceNow. It’s simply a sequence of steps, to some degree predictable and repeatable across ServiceNow projects, that provide guardrails for everyone involved, from business stakeholders to solution architects to quality assurance engineers. 

ServiceNow is promoting its own methodology called Now Create, based on years of the most important customer experiences, best practices, successes and failures of the platform.  

The most successful implementation of the platform vendors embrace it but also enhance it with a lower-level process for SDLC (software development lifecycle), team collaboration mechanisms (like Agile) and other practices that provide structure to what is often a very dynamic, non-linear process of implementation and embedding ServiceNow as an ITSM, ESM, CSM, ITOM, PPM, GRC or HR solution.

Embed this change 

One of the halves of the battle is getting the technical part. We need to think about what the other half is. The right answer is: getting the intended users to make the new tool – ServiceNow – their own.  
One thing to consider is if employees really visit the new Service Portal and use the Service Catalog. Do they see value in ServiceNow? Do business approvers log in to the mobile app to approve requests, changes or contracts on the go? Do team leads pay attention to SLAs to drive efficiency of their teams? Are support agents more productive and less frustrated now that they have dashboards, reports and Performance Analytics to make their work easier? Are their business needs completely fulfilled? Are they satisfied with usage of the platform?

It’s not enough to say that these things work – technically. Well, it may be enough to sign off the completion of the project. You know – tick this box. But in the bigger picture, for the ServiceNow product, like ITSM, PPM or a custom app, to be successfully implemented, it needs to be backed up with organizational change management.

How to do it? This means user adoption support, training and communication, documentation and sharing, usage monitoring, feedback management and continuous improvement. All this is needed to make the platform truly transform the organization. And the best value is that this job is never complete (or easy) as organizations evolve and so should their people, processes, services and tools, including ServiceNow.

Another thing worth your consideration is platform’s user experience. We gathered in ebook 7 tips that you should take a closer look at while improving your platform UX.

Prepare for ServiceNow implementation

To sum up, 5 things you should remember when implementing ServiceNow: make sure people will use it, build realistic scope, set clear business goals, gather a strong team of people who will be project ambassadors across your organization. Don’t forget that you don’t have to know it all. We are here to prepare you for the journey and make this process smooth and successful. Prepare for implementation with a partner who cares.

ServiceNow IT Service Management for Polpharma Biologics

Polpharma Biologics is the biggest Polish biopharmaceutical company developing and manufacturing biosimilars and novel biologics.

The company includes, among others, one of the most modern R&D centers in Europe, specializing in biological drugs, which is located in the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park. In autumn, the company is planning to open the largest in Poland and most modern in Europe biotechnological plant, which is located in Duchnice, near Warsaw.

Together with other companies in the group, Polpharma Biologics offers a fully integrated chain of biotech services, from the development of cell lines to the delivery of finished products.

Polpharma Biologics will produce biosimilar drugs on a commercial scale, providing both its own products and contract manufacturing services to industry partners around the world.

About ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a leading supplier of the ITSM software. The platform offered by ServiceNow supports the management of IT services, business operations, customer service, and employee service processes. ServiceNow gives the possibility to use ready-made applications or choose the platform itself as the environment for creating dedicated applications from scratch.

SPOC’s role in the project

SPOC S.A. provides comprehensive ServiceNow services – implementations, support, and training and has the status of Elite Partner. SPOC S.A. will provide and implement ServiceNow IT Service Management based on the ServiceNow best practices. The project will be run by experts with many years of technological and industry experience. The delivery process started in July 2020, with the platform go-live planned for early 2021.

About the implementation

As a part of the project, Polpharma Biologics will implement ITIL processes – including ITSM (in terms of hardware and software management), Incident Management, Change Management, Order Management, Service Catalog, and Self-service Portal. At the same time, users will receive access to ServiceNow both from desktop and via a mobile application. To improve the implementation and validation of the system, automated tests will be used, which will additionally facilitate the platform’s regression tests in the future.

If your organization operates in the validated environment and you’re interested in the process optimization, reach out.