How to check my instance performance?

What HealthCheck is? 

Can HealthCheck from SPOC really heal your instance? If yes, how is it possible? Read the service key elements to learn more about how you can unlock the potential of your instance and improve its performance.

Healthcheck from SPOC is a service provided by Maintenance & Development Team. You can use it even if you’re not a SPOC customer and would like to check the health of your instance. HealthCheck can also be included in the support contract and be performed on a regular basis, e.g. once every six months. 

HealthCheck is an innovative solution from SPOC. Through that, we quickly discovered areas to improvement our ServiceNow instance. SPOC’s specialists showed commitment to the project. During the consultation, they identified targeted improvements. SPOC has great knowledge of the ServiceNow platform.

– Rene Karjus, Internal Services Team Lead at SK ID Solutions

What HealthCheck contains? 

HealthCheck is a complex service. We start with a session with you to discuss your needs and expectations or any issues that occur on the instance. Your business and your needs are our starting point. We have an out-of-the-box and customized approach.   

If the main issue is the instance performance, we use the core version of service that contains the following activities: 

  1. We perform an automatic performance inspection with SPOC proprietary tools. 
  2. This prepared report will show you the issues we identified and point out which ones can have a real influence on the ServiceNow environment. 
  3. During the joint session to show you the issues we identified with their defined priorities and present the impact on the ServiceNow environment. You will learn where fixes are needed and how we can help you to improve the instance performance.  

  You can extend the core version of the service and get: 

  1. The exact action plan with steps to do, description of what shall be fixed, estimates and proposed timeline. 
  2. The team to fix the found issues within proposed timeline and according to the agreed estimates. 

If your company instance issues are not related to the performance, during the first session, we focus on your point of view. e.g. If your Discovery algorithms are not working properly or Service Catalog workflows approvals are not ordered, we’re ready to help you and review specified system areas to propose the further improvements. The key is to know as-is and to-be state. 

Within HealthCheck service, you get a complex consulting adjusted to your needs that will help you to order some system areas, learn ServiceNow features better and set the direction of development. 

How do I know I need HealthCheck? 

Reach out about HealthCheck service if you: 

  1. Observe performance issues on your ServiceNow instance (the whole instance or some areas work slowly e.g. slow forms and reports, delays in sending notifications). 
  2. Observe issues with any ServiceNow process or feature and you would like to improve some elements (not enough data protection, record duplicates, issues in integrations with 3rd party tools). 
  3. Would like to identify potential development opportunities for your instance and learn about new ServiceNow features. 
  4. Would like to optimize the operation of your instance by disabling the functions that are no longer usable. 
  5. Would like to have your instance health checked on a regular basis in order to react to any problems and to ensure the effective maintenance of the continuously developed environment. 

What is unique about HealthCheck?

You probably take care of your instance either way. So, what is so special in HealthCheck service? 

  1. We use our proprietary tools, not widely available on the market to check the ServiceNow instances performance based on ServiceNow best practices. We have implemented tools that help with the effective analysis. 
  2. We organize an unlimited session with you to answer all of your questions. The session is not limited to an hour. Also, you don’t have to analyze the results yourself. The session to discuss report results may take as long as you like to explain any doubts, regardless of your level of technical expertise. 
  3. We offer you a team of experienced developers and consultants who verify your instance and answer your questions with their help you can get to know ServiceNow features better and decide which ones are worth your time and money. This way you can open up your system to new possibilities with our consulting service. 
  4. We can analyze also custom solutions implemented on your instance (not only out of the box configuration) to show you which customizations elements can be problematic. 
  5. You don’t need to put any effort in the process – we coordinate fully the service, even if we need ServiceNow help to get access to some system elements. We can present you only the final results if your availability is limited. 
  6. You don’t need dedicated teams. You can fix your issues permanently with SPOC and reduce the needed costs. 
  7. We offer you attractive price with higher possibilities.