3 reasons you should migrate from Service Portal to Employee Center

A new employee service centre

Here comes the new – Employee Center ServiceNow feature you should get familiar with immediately. It is supposed to replace Service Portal, which seems to be slowly pushed back by ServiceNow. Although the exact date of withdrawal is unknown yet, the sooner you decide to upgrade to ServiceNow Employee Center, the sooner you will take advantage of its countless business benefits and start developing your platform on a supported and secure solution. ESC means a lot of new, fascinating opportunities. It enables companies of all sizes and industries to achieve their business goals much faster. It is also a response to employee needs, rapidly changing in the era of workplace transformation.

What is Employee Center? ServiceNow presents its newest feature

Employee Center is a single, unified and modern portal for all employees. It is one place where they can find all the information and get all the help they need from HR, IT and other departments. Moreover, it’s a free feature for all ServiceNow users. It can already be said that it is a great product that will certainly be developed, promoted and improved in the future – this is one of the reasons why you should start using it immediately.

A solution for the changing workplaces and employee service

ServiceNow’s Employee Center is an excellent answer to the transformation of the employee experience. In the changing world of work where remote and hybrid work model is becoming more and more common in many companies, it is a must to digitize employee experience. In a world where digital processes enable flexibility, Employee Center comes in handy. This out-of-the-box ServiceNow solution was created for employees’ information, communication, and engagement and to ensure exceptional HR service delivery and customer experience. 

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source: SPOC

Employee Now vs. Service Portal – main differences

Service Portal is already considered to be an easy-to-use and modern tool that helps you quickly reach your employees. Employee Center is an even better employee service center as it has many new features that solved previous challenges and limitations that Service Portal made hard to address. ServiceNow advertises Employee Center as a great way to keep every employee engaged, productive, and informed, and I couldn’t agree more.

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I created a lot of Service Portals and there was always one challenge – content management and its architecture. Luckily for us, ServiceNow introduced the Employee Center.

Mateusz Grześkowiak, Senior ServiceNow Developer

Easier Content Management ensures user freedom, self-service and data security

Before Employee Center, all organizational knowledge was placed in many portals – therefore, it was difficult to find the desired information. Employee Center enables to gather of all necessary data in one place. Thanks to this, it is no longer scattered among catalogues and knowledge bases and, as a result, it is much easier to use. All users can quickly find what they are searching for and get HR service delivery in one place.

Unified taxonomy makes all information in the Employee Center organized in a clear and transparent way. Content management becomes easier and tailored to the user’s needs. Users get much more freedom in the process of creating and adjusting the portal’s look. They can define names, categories, subcategories, and topics ourselves, thus gaining independence from the fixed ServiceNow structure and getting more self-service. Each user can not only display the content they need but also easily manage it. Now it is the company itself that builds the organization of its information, which enables greater control over all content.

All information available in one place not only saves users time and energy. The multitude of portals also meant high maintenance costs. Information scattered in various places was associated with a high risk of data leakage. Employee Center, a modern ServiceNow solution in the changing world of work, solves these problems. It lowers maintenance costs and ensures greater information security.

source: SPOC

Topic personalization results in great Return On Investment

Topic personalization is another feature that all employees will be happy to use. Each team wanted a place for themselves, and now this desire is fulfilled. This wasn’t easy to do on the Service Portal – if a team wanted its own brand, a separate portal had to be created. Now, not only are all teams in one place, but they have topic pages that can be personalized according to their preferences. IT team can have its own home page, as well as HR and other departments, and each of them can adapt and design it to their needs. They can have their own banners, icons and colours as pages don’t have to look the same anymore.

This is a significant change that also offers a greater Return On Investment. Topic personalization makes teams use the portal more willingly. What is more, it is easier now to convince employees to use it, as they can get a better service experience, tailored to their needs. Each team thus gains greater independence. 

source: SPOC

Targeted audiences facilitate information flow

Another great advantage of the Employee Center is that while everything is in one place, some information can only be displayed to specific audiences. As a result, thanks to targeted content, they only see banners, messages and changes they are interested in – not all of them. Thanks to this, the amount of information is no longer overwhelming. Teams become more independent, and it becomes much easier for them to use the portal.

This feature gives Employee Center one more significant benefit. It facilitates information flow, which improves communication, facilitates collaboration and accelerates decision-making processes. This has a powerful impact on the entire company.

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Employee Center – strategic approach of global consulting company [Case Study]

Before ESC, our client with its team of more than 1000 employees used 6 different portals on a daily basis. It generated many problems – knowledge was scattered in other places, therefore it was challenging to find the required data. The maintenance and development costs were also really high.

The client decided it was necessary to create a single employee service portal that would fulfil the functions of all 6 previous ones. We recommended Employee Center ServiceNow and the implementation turned out to be a strategic decision for the company’s operations.

Employee Center is not only easier to configure and requires less development, but it is also an out of box ServiceNow solution. Since that. Its implementation was also several times faster than Service Portals.

Ready for your Employee Center experience?

If you are still using the Service Portal, do not wait and get ready for the upgrade – the clock is ticking and the Service Portal will slowly become the legacy application. There is no point in waiting – thanks to the Employee Center, you will not only save time and costs but also create an incredible employee experience and make everyone’s work easier and more productive. We are here for you to talk and guide you through the endless possibilities of Employee Center.