ServiceNow Safe Workplace

19 May 2020| < 1 min|

ServiceNow Safe Workplace is a 4-app suite and dashboard to streamline the process of getting back to your workplace. All designed with your employees’ health and safety in mind, adapted to the post-COVID-19 reality.

Get back to office safe and sound, with ServiceNow aid!

Coordinate your employees’ return, making sure they’re back to the workplace healthy and safe. You can achieve these using 4 apps from ServiceNow:

Employee Readiness Surveys

An app for checking your employees readiness to get to the office, and ensuring they feel secure there. Check the demo below:

Employee Health Screening

An app for meeting all the health and security requirements before an employee enters the workplace. Check the demo below:

Workplace PPE Inventory Management

An app for management of personal protective equipment stock in all your facilities. Check the demo below:

Workplace Safety Management

An app for coordinating your return process, assigning shifts, and planning sanitation. Check the demo below:

All 4 available for your download on the ServiceNow Store, along with our PDF Generator app to aid your document workflows and processes.

Let us help you implement these, we’re here for your organization!

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