ServiceNow Orlando release overview – mobile app, ITSM, ITBM

24 March 2020| 3 min|

Orlando vs New York release

ServiceNow Orlando release offers the next round of enhancements to:

and the earlier existing features like:

With every release ServiceNow moves toward innovation and better products, with the main focus put on continuous improvement of organizations and value brought to the customers. Since New York, there have been many new features introduced such as mobile app and business-specific apps. Always with user experience at the center of attention.

The features included, like Guided Application Creator or Now Mobile, are very helpful in everyday SDLC, from developers’ perspective. Another nice feature introduced in the New York release was Dynamic Translation. It enables users to integrate with any translation provider (e.g. Google translator), and then dynamically use it to translate texts.

The Orlando release is expected to get a wider access in March. Except enhancements and improvements of the existing features, it introduces a range of new features.

New ITBM features in Orlando release

Agile Development 2.0

Agile development has been enhanced with a Scrum Program. A SCRUM Program is a tool used to plan and track the work of your team, compare workloads, manage dependencies and more. It includes also quick start tests for Agile Development, which are a collection of tests for agile to speed up the process. What’s more, Agile Development 2.0. covers also Performance Analytics content pack.

Application Portfolio Management

Application Portfolio Management (APM) is a tool that allows users and organizations to better manage the application inventory, provide business context and determine the business value of each app. The New features added in Orlando:

  • GRC controls in business applications,
  • APM standalone plugin separation,
  • Quick start tests for Application Portfolio Management.

Application Portfolio Management - new features in Now Platform Orlando release

NEW ITSM features in Orlando release

As for ITSM, the need for improvements is higher. The ITSM suite is one of the most commonly used suites in many organizations. Some of the enhancements added in the new release:

Change Management

  • Simplified conflict change management with conflict properties,
  • Use of change approval policies to modify them,
  • Management of change requests with the ITSM Agent Workspace,
  • Delivery of change tasks with ServiceNow Agent mobile app.

Workspace Management

  • Creation of knowledge articles from an incident,
  • Generation of knowledge gap records for a specific issue based on an incident,
  • Creation of a similar incident for a different caller,
  • Addition of new search categories on Incident Agent Assist,
  • Tracking of agents’ interaction times,
  • Monitoring of Continual Improvement Management fixes from a problem record.

Analytics – ServiceNow Orlando release

Natural Language Understanding

ServiceNow offers Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to make the platform understands and answers user’s intent. To increase efficiency in understanding the intent, ServiceNow Orlando brings a number of new features like:

  • Users can make use of existing NLU models, and avoid cloning the NLU model,
  • Instead of using predefined entities users can create a custom-made derived entity based on their needs,
  • Apart from using predefined entities, users can make any entity across all NLU model intents available,
  • The interactive dashboard measures the performance metrics of NLU models.

Predictive Intelligence

Predictive Intelligence (PI):

  • Constantly monitors each resource’s capability as well as compares and creates clusters to foster decision making process. Instead of word embedding-based classification, it creates classification based on Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency (TF-IDF). Moreover, users can define their own custom stop words that enrich predefined system stop words to improve the capability to categorize, compare, and create clusters,
  • Allows to configure target metrics for a trained classification solution and along with DBSCAN also can be configured to improve precision in clustering solutions,
  • Provides an updated API framework that permits users to incorporate machine learning capabilities in workflows.

Analytics in Now Platform Orlando release

Updated ServiceNow mobile app

The ServiceNow Platform mobile app in the Orlando release encourages better mobility of services, while offering intuitive user experience. Now it includes a range of tools to:

  • Ease accessibility – via configuration of an embedded list,
  • Avoid displaying content – admins can hide empty fields,
  • Create an applet launcher – to serve as a landing page for your users,
  • Manage mobile application integrations securely – with Microsoft Intune or Blackberry Dynamics,
  • Ensure tracking – the mobile dashboard comes with Performance Analytics widget,
  • Track which browsers users use,
  • Allow image-based search – with the use of objects,
  • Measure KPIs – via mobile analytics dashboards for admins.

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