Three ServiceNow apps to manage COVID-19 pandemic

17 March 2020| 2 min|


Customer care plan

ServiceNow prepared a customer care plan and three apps to help organizations ensure operations continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find the details below.

The customer care plan by ServiceNow covers:

  • Maintenance of virtually 100% uptime for ServiceNow instances,
  • Now Community forum for customers and partners to interact and share best practices,
  • Dedicated portal for customers and partners to provide ideas for COVID-19 related apps or features.

3 ServiceNow apps to manage COVID-19 pandemic

Developed in partnership with the ServiceNow’s customer, Washington State’s Department of Health, the applications* are aimed at emergency management in terms of:

  • Outreach,
  • Self-reporting,
  • Exposure monitoring and reaction.

Below you can identify the areas where they can be used, perhaps in your organization?

Emergency Self-Report app

The Emergency Self-Report app for your employees to:

  • Report their self-quarantine,
  • Inform about the projected return to work time.

And for employer:

  • Workflow support.

Emergency Exposure Management app

In case of diagnosis with COVID-19 of your employee, the Emergency Exposure Management app analyzes the employee’s meeting agenda and locations, identifying people who also might have been exposed to the pandemic risk.

Emergency Outreach app

The Emergency Outreach app allows you to assess what impact the pandemic has had for your employees. You can get in touch with your employees:

  • Via email – sharing information, safety measures and ask them to confirm if they’re safe and what’s their location,
  • Via the ServiceNow® Now Mobile App – sending push notifications asking for confirmation of safety and location.

Implement the apps & get support

All remote access happens using secure connections and multifactor authentication. All the apps are available free of charge at for all ServiceNow customers by September 30, 2020.

We’ve already implemented the apps for our own safety and operational continuity purposes. SPOC team is prepared and 100% ready to support you in the installation and onboarding of the apps in your organization.

Contact us for support

* The apps are designed for immediate use at no charge for existing customers. Others can use these apps through September 30, 2020. After September 30, if you are receiving value and would like to continue use of these apps, ServiceNow will work with you to move to the standard ServiceNow Platform App Engine pricing.