ServiceNow – an ITSM leader by Gartner

27 October 2021| 3 min|Adam Bernaś - Chief Product Officer


The unqestionable leader

At SPOC, we knew it already 11 years ago, what the last 7 years of Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management Tools showed. ServiceNow is an unquestionable and uncompetitive leader in the field.

ServiceNow switched from visionaries in 2008 to challengers in 2012, arriving in 2014 as Leaders. Since then the gap between ServiceNow and the competition was getting bigger and bigger, every year. Gartner states that ServiceNow’s revenue market share is more than four times that of its closest competitor. Numbers speak for themselves. By competition, we should consider Remedy (BMC), Ivanti, and Atlassian (Jira).

ServiceNow pros and cons

The most impactful ITSM targets are large and mid-size companies. In fact, most customers are enterprise-scale, although we have more and more examples where ROI and value implementation is achieved by mid-size.

Let’s start with the good things:

  • ServiceNow customers give positive feedback regarding time to market and the high quality and maturity of the default configuration processes. In 2021 Gartner emphasizes the platform’s global presence. It is a critical aspect, especially in times of pandemic, restrictions, and remote work. From our SPOC perspective, we can assure you that ServiceNow is present in most customer shortlists. Our task is to enlighten you and indicate how you can get the highest value from ServiceNow implementation, minimizing the time required for ROI.
  • Products and functionalities are second to none. The investment in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning goes to the next level. Putting pressure on IT Operations management makes it easy to act proactively. In practice, it means more low code and no code as well as tools for process optimization.
  • High flexibility is a huge advantage. As an ITSM platform, it is highly agile, ensuring smooth management of the company changes. ServiceNow tools adopt Predictive Intelligence, Performance Analytics (reports, KPIs, performance measurements) and Virtual Agent. The platform also meets DevOps and SRE (site reliability expectations), giving you a unique tool that is not available in any native version on other ITSM providers.

ServiceNow gives enormous possibilities in terms of CMDB. Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, we were able to decide on CMDB reconstruction and development. The main beneficiary and the project’s primary sponsor will be the SecOps and not the IT department. – global cosmetic company.

Nothing is perfect, so the main cautions seen by Gartner are: 

  1. Especially in the last year, the I&O maturity level was not high enough for most Gartner clients to demonstrate substantial value from ServiceNow investments. At SPOC, we address the clients’ challenges within value realization, focusing on pre-sales and Customer Success actions to maximize the value. 
  • Product packaging challenges – the platform does not have high flexibility in the license model and product packaging as other competitors. Organizations with large numbers of occasional users have problems justifying the purchase of a role-based named-user licensing model. Since ServiceNow receives this feedback on many occasions, especially on the EEMEA market and within mid-size companies, there is a chance they will follow the request towards that kind of flexibility. Using our experience at SPOC, we help our customers optimize the license purchase and negotiate with ServiceNow.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

ServiceNow launches new releases twice a year, so joining the platform, you will need to upgrade once per year to stay on a supported release family. The last release was in Q1 – ServiceNow Quebec. A new release, Rome, is just around the corner, and it delivers more capabilities in terms of digital workflows, improving the hybrid work experience. Our Maintenance & Development team makes sure your updates run smoothly.

Want to learn more about The Now Platform Rome release? Go to our article about technical aspects of Rome, as well as the business perspective.

Following the changes in ServiceNow is not an easy task. That is why we are fully dedicated to helping you at every platform implementation and development stage. Since time is gold, we took a fresh and unique approach to implement ServiceNow – FastTrack. It lets you introduce the most important functionalities of ServiceNow in 120 days, with fixed scope and budget and more than 90% of the functionalities.

Choose #1 ITSM Platform

ServiceNow keeps being an ITSM leader for large and mid-size companies that require high flexibility, vast product offer, and high-quality service.

We are impressed by the outcomes of DevOps application. After evaluating this solution with our implementation partner, SPOC, we felt convinced about the need to support our software development and maintenance practices wherever automation and insight into the most important KPIs are required on an ongoing basis. – a major bank in East Europe.

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