Quebec release for Project/Portfolio Managers

17 May 2021| 2 min|Tomasz Sienkiewicz - Head of Research & Development


Quebec is here

Time to travel to Canada! The newest release of ServiceNow is here: Quebec. It was made available within the Early Availability program in January, and the intended commercial launch is going to happen in the coming weeks.

We have analyzed, at SPOC, the newest ServiceNow version and its offer from the perspective of Project and Portfolio Managers who work with Service Now. We picked three exciting features for you – check them and let us know if you have any further questions.

PPM Collaboration in ServiceNow

PPM Collaboration facilitates active and timely communication regarding the project among all the team members involved in it. You receive real-time updated on the project’s status, get involved in the discussion and make sure that all the team members are on board.

Why should you use it?

The most significant advantage of this new tool is that you can follow every detail about your project daily. Thanks to the detailed status, you will know which team members you need to contact. You can open the project directly from the collaboration channel (Slack or Teams) to work further on it. Thanks to the real-time notifications, you will not miss any milestones, risk, issues or decisions. Another advantage is that the tool automatically adds or removes a member from Slack or Teams, based on the assingments – one task less for you!

Workforce Optimization

Workforce Optimization manages productivity and team performance while getting real-time views of queues and agent activity. You may plan the work schedules, change and skills management, view the shifts.

Why should you use it?

With Workforce Optimization, you can make better decisions based on historical trends, schedule agents, manage the work shifts. It is possible now to do all of that within one Workspace.

Quebec Servicenow


Scenario Planning for PPM

Scenario planning for PPM, let’s you see all your work in one place, make strategic decisions by comparing different scenarios and move ahead by approving the most beneficial one. View the details such as funding, planned and actual costs for your projects and demands. The application is available through the ServiceNow Store.

Note that to avoid conflicts, you should deactivate the older, currently deprecated Portfolio Workbench.

Why should you use it?

Having the possibility to set up and compare different scenarios for your project portfolio allows you to make the best possible decision based on your criteria. See which projects and demands are aligned with your strategic goals and know what you should invest in.

Quebec Servicenow


Time for upgrade to Quebec

If you feel overwhelmed with the new upgrade and need a partner to help you figure out how to make the best out of it, contact us. Our ten-year experience with ServiceNow and the position of Elite partner translates to the right level of expertise. Check our certified applications here.