Maximizing Project Visibility and Business Value: A Deep Dive into ServiceNow’s PPM Solution

14 June 2023| 4 min|


According to research, approximately 70% of companies experience project management failures. These failures can manifest in various forms, including budget overruns, missed deadlines, scope creep, and unsatisfactory project outcomes. Effective project management practices and robust tools like ServiceNow’s PPM solution play a crucial role in mitigating these risks and increasing the likelihood of project success. 

We have seen first-hand with our clients how ServiceNow’s PPM solution empowers them to manage their project portfolios effectively, enabling them to make informed decisions, streamline workflows, and drive exceptional outcomes. From daily project management tasks to budgeting and holistic oversight, ServiceNow’s PPM offers valuable insights and actionable data that help you overcome the challenges of managing multiple projects. 

From Streamlined Project Management to High-Level Oversight

At the heart of ServiceNow’s PPM lies its ability to streamline daily project management tasks. Through a simple and intuitive interface, the PPM system standardizes and tracks project activities effectively. The demand management module allows the review of project drafts, ensuring alignment with strategic goals. Within the project workspace, project status, baseline, percentage of completion, issues, risks, and tasks can be easily monitored. Gantt charts enable visualizing project progress, enhancing project management efficiency. 

Beyond daily project management, ServiceNow’s PPM proves invaluable in budgeting and identifying projects that may require attention. The system provides financial reports that offer insights into project profitability. Crucial information such as milestones, goals, project statuses, and risk outlooks are readily available, enabling proactive risk management and opportunity identification. You not only have the tools to manage risks but also to identify and capitalize on opportunities. 

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Empowering PMOs through the right project management tool 

PMOs require a bigger picture of the project landscape to align projects with strategic objectives and optimize resource allocation effectively. Navigating the project landscape solely through spreadsheets can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and prone to errors, hindering the PMO’s ability to gain holistic insights and make informed decisions.  

For Project Management Offices (PMOs), ServiceNow’s PPM presents a comprehensive overview in one centralized location. This holistic view facilitates informed decision-making, quick response to project changes, better control, and enhanced budgeting capabilities. Additionally, it enables the realization of company objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs). The user-friendly interface allows easy zooming in and out, empowering PMOs to gain deep insights into project details while maintaining a high-level overview. This is especially important in organizations that face complex project management portfolios, such as, for example, pharmaceutical companies.  

PPM tool will bring an efficient digital environment with common processes for project management approach within the full spectrum of complex Pharma projects and harmonise communication of metrics, reports and dashboards throughout our organisation.   

SPOC brought during the entire implementation a good willingness to learn and understand from our experience in every challenge trying to fulfil our requirements in managing complex projects in the Biotech industry, even though we had to postpone key topics for future releases.  

Director Head of PMO & Strategic Planning at pharmaceutical company
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Strategic Portfolio Management: Exploring the Comprehensive Offerings Beyond PPM 

It is important to remember that PPM serves as a feature within the broader system of Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) in ServiceNow. SPM provides a seamless framework for organizations to work fluently and effectively scale their projects by promptly identifying and addressing risks and delays. While PPM is a critical component, there are other captivating offerings that could appeal to you if you work as a PM or PMO. These include all: 

  1. Innovation Management: This feature allows employees to submit their innovative ideas, which can be voted on and commented upon by others. It also covers a basic draft of the idea for a potential project. Ideas are evaluated during company meetings to determine which ones are feasible and merit further development. 
  2. Demand Management: Before a demand can be converted into a project, this phase involves gathering comprehensive information about the potential project, including work phases, names, categories, and required resources. Once qualified and approved, the demand can be transformed into an official project. 
  3. Agile Development: While SPM predominantly supports Waterfall methodology, this feature allows users to work in an Agile environment, providing flexibility for those who prefer Agile practices. 
  4. Performance Analytics: Similarly, to other parts of ServiceNow, Performance Analytics offers enhanced reporting capabilities, delivering in-depth insights beyond traditional dashboards. This enables you to access next-level reports and make data-driven decisions. 
  5. Resource Management: This solution allows us to effectively allocate and optimize resources across projects. It provides insights into resource availability, skills, and workload, facilitating informed decisions on resource allocation. This feature maximizes resource utilization, reduces bottlenecks, and ensures that the right resources are assigned to the right projects at the right time. 
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Source: ServiceNow

The Full Potential of ServiceNow’s PPM Across the Organization 

You need to remember that ServiceNow’s PPM is not confined to the IT department but caters to the entire organization. Implementing ServiceNow’s PPM solution gives you a clear dashboard overview, reliable project, and program information, and significant improvements in the development processes. 

ServiceNow’s PPM solution offers your organization a transformative approach to managing projects effectively. From daily project management tasks to budgeting and holistic oversight, the PPM system provides valuable insights and actionable data. Whether you’re a project manager seeking better control or a PMO aiming for strategic decision-making, ServiceNow’s PPM empowers you to maximize project visibility and achieve exceptional business value. If you want to know more about Project Portfolio Management, reach out to us at