Streamline Service Catalog and Portal Management 

Streamline Service Catalog and Portal Management 

About Veolia

Veolia is a multinational company that has been at the forefront of the environmental services industry for over a century with 160 years of history. With a global presence across 40 countries, Veolia has established itself as a dynamic leader in sustainable resource management, offering cutting-edge water, waste, and energy management solutions. From tackling the challenges of climate change to addressing issues related to resource depletion and environmental degradation, Veolia is committed to delivering innovative and efficient solutions that drive economic and social progress.

Main challenge: resolving the workload with the right ServiceNow partner

One of Veolia’s critical challenges was finding a partner to assist with repetitive tasks and alleviate the burden on their internal team. As the volume of work continued to increase, their existing resources were no longer sufficient, and they wanted to focus on executing the roadmap’s defined points internally. The company was looking for a reliable and competent partner who could effectively provide them with the necessary support to manage their Service Portals and Service Catalogs. The task required a high level of skill and experience, and Veolia needed a partner who could deliver consistently.

How we addressed it

Veolia’s primary challenge of finding the right partner was effectively addressed by leveraging SPOC’s extensive resources to support them. We offered various services, including upgrades, Service Catalog management, and platform health checks. 

As a Managed Service Provider, we were able to create and enhance Veolia’s Service Catalog items, service portals, SLA definitions, and translations, ensuring that everything was delivered with the highest standards. We worked effectively alongside Veolia’s internal resources, maximizing the effectiveness of the partnership. We were able to alleviate the burden on their internal team, free up their resources to focus on critical areas of the business, and ensure that their Service Catalogs and Service Portals were managed effectively.

Our perspective

Collaborating with Veolia has brought a completely new level of quality. We have a mutual understanding and treat each other as equal partners. We approach all client issues with great agility, and Veolia provides a comfortable space to propose our ideas and suggestions.

The Veolia team we work with is composed of fantastic individuals, making establishing long-lasting relationships in business and on a personal level easy.

Milena Szklarska-Behlke

Engineering Manager at SPOC

Engineering Manager

Project’s highlights

The partnership between Veolia and SPOC provided several benefits, including stable support, performance monitoring, and platform development, guaranteeing the maintenance of the platform and the team externally while allowing the client to focus on strategic tasks. Main highlights of this dynamic cooperation: 

  • Fast and professional support for maintaining comprehensive Service Catalogs and Service Portals. 
  • Participation of M&D’s Operations Manager in quarterly meetings organized by the client, facilitating the exchange of experiences and knowledge in support and platform development. 
  • Focus on implementing strategic tasks related to the roadmap by delegating some of the smaller tasks to SPOC. 
  • Support from SPOC’s Service Delivery Manager, ensuring the proper handling of administrative and technical issues. 
  • Access to other SPOC services and specialists. 


Quick and professional support in maintaining comprehensive Service Catalogs and Service Portals

Participation of the M&D Operations Manager in the quarterly meetings organized by the client, which allows to exchange experience and knowledge in support and development of the platform

Focus on the implementation of strategic tasks (related to the roadmap) on the client’s side – delegating some of the smaller tasks to the SPOC partner

Support from SDMa that guarantees correct addressing of administrative and technical threads

Possibility to take advantage of other SPOC services

Checking and keeping the platform healthy