Ep.5 Power of partnership in ServiceNow

Identify threats and bulletproof your systems.

Another customer data leak is giving you sleepless nights? Your customers want to feel safe and secure, so create an integrated environment that is resistant to attacks.

Keep your money and data safe with ServiceNow

No matter the industry, cyberattacks have become one of the biggest threats that could compromise confidential data and lead to significant losses in finance and customer trust. This is where Security Operations (SecOps) come into play. 

This solution helps you to effectively manage security incidents and integrate security processes. It’s also a guarantee that the requirements found in the DORA regulation are fully met.

You will learn how to:

  • identify and proactively address security vulnerabilities,
  • eliminate information silos and create a centralized, secure base,
  • automate security incidents with the SecOps service,
  • meet the requirements associated with the DORA regulation thanks to ServiceNow.

Our speakers

Adam Kopiński

Enterprise Account Executive at ServiceNow

Adam has a long track record in the development and management of IT systems and strategic projects in the finance sector with Oracle, SAP, Teradata, and ServiceNow. Enterprise Account Executive experienced in companies from Banking and Insurance. Nowadays Adam is responsible as Enterprise Account Executive at ServiceNow for FSI in Poland, Baltic Countries, and Ukraine.

Krzysztof Klamycki

Maintenance & Development Manager and SecOps leader at SPOC

Krzysztof is a Senior ServiceNow specialist with 6 years of experience as a developer and is currently the SecOps leader at SPOC. Educated as a philologist, computer scientist, and project manager. A passionate foreign language and cybersecurity enthusiast.