Digital transformation with ServiceNow

15 June 2020| 2 min|

SPOC ServiceNow

Digital transformation has proved to be the core of business resiliency and continuity in the new normal, and in general. The organizations that had been investing in this area before the COVID-19 outbreak, are way better prepared to mitigate its repercussions, getting an advantage over the peer group that didn’t.

Digital transformation in the new normal

9 in 10 organizations prepare digital transformation plans, however, only 4 in 10 are ready to face their competition. The more digitized the organization, the more market share you gain and the better off you are during the crisis.

The ServiceNow Platform delivers an environment for the transformation of your processes into UX-oriented digital workflows. Defined as the platform of platforms by the ServiceNow CEO – Bill McDermott, it evolved from an ITSM suite to a collaboration-oriented platform for all your teams and departments.

As a comprehensive hub for all your operations, available in the form of intuitive dashboards, ServiceNow caters for:

  • Technological advancement – thanks to Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Predictive Intelligence,
  • 500+ integrations – now you can integrate all the tools you need (for communication, data exchange, process management, etc.) within a single platform,
  • Flexible access – so you can use all the features from desktop and mobile,
  • Continuous improvement – the platform is upgraded twice a year. Each release offers new features and enhanced functionality to the existing ones.

ServiceNow capability

Hence the platform is available in the SaaS model (System as a Service), all you need is access to the Internet and a supported web browser or mobile app. Now your employees and customers can focus on the core business, whereas the platform takes care of the rest.

With all the suites and features sharing the same system of record, the platform makes up a single system of engagement for all your stakeholders. Thus your teams get a comprehensive insight into metrics, tasks, services, assets, people, locations, and information at their fingertips, in one place.

ServiceNow users’ results

But because the proof of the pudding is in the eating, let us bring a few numbers that visualize the cross-industry power of digital transformation. Here are the implementation facts and results from the organizations using the ServiceNow Platform.


A video streaming platform, operated by a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company, invested in the ServiceNow CSM to provide its audience of 50+ million users with customer service via:

  • 40,000 concurrent chats,
  • 160,000 daily chats,
  • 200,000 daily interactions,
  • 500,000 daily portal visits.

The implementation started in November 2019 and took 5 months. Including multiple integrations, it was successfully completed at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chevron Corporation

Energy corporation, headquartered in San Roman, California, USA – globally consolidated its IT operations with the ITSM:

  • Implementation scope: 6 ITSM processes,
  • Coverage: 45 countries, 27 business units, 5,000+ ServiceNow operators at Chevron, 80,000+ end users,
  • Implementation time: 7 months.


Swedish defense organization standardized its HR processes, delivering the new employee experience and tangible results like:

  • Time savings: 12,000 hours back yearly,
  • Employee satisfaction rate: 25% boost.

Danske Bank

The bank standardized its IT operations and recorded:

  • Productivity: 6 fold improvement in terms of time to restore services,
  • Incidents: 93% reduction,
  • Internal portal adoption rate: 90%, after 2 weeks of use.

Interested in achieving similar successes in your organization?