Explore 9 New Features of the ServiceNow Washington Release

The latest ServiceNow release (March 20, 2024), Washington DC, marks a significant leap forward in workflow automation and user experience enhancements. With an impressive array of new features, it promises to revolutionize organizational processes and drive efficiency to new heights. This iteration builds upon previous versions, incorporating user feedback and industry trends to deliver intuitive tools. With a refreshed user interface, advanced data automation, and groundbreaking low-code solutions, navigating your workflows has never been easier. In this article, we’ll explore the essential nine must-know features introduced in the Washington release, providing insights to help organizations leverage these capabilities best way possible.

1. Workflow Studio

Say hello to Workflow Studio, the all-in-one automation powerhouse which consolidates together Playbooks, Flow Designer, Action Designer, Integration Hub integrations, and Decision Builder into a unified design environment. Workflow Studio empowers users with a seamless automation experience, personalized views, health monitoring, and streamlined configuration options. 

Figure 1 – Workflow Studio Homepage 
Figure 2 – Workflow Studio – Operations 
Figure 3 – Workflow Studio – Integrations

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2. Flow Designer Enhancements 

Undo/Redo Changes 

Editing workflows is now smoother than ever. You can undo and redo actions in Flow Designer, ensuring a unique editing experience. Whether reverting changes or reapplying modifications, Flow Designer tracks changes within the current session, making workflow editing more intuitive.   

Annotations Support in Diagramming View 

Enhance workflow clarity with annotations support in the diagramming view. Add and edit annotations directly within your diagrams, improving visualization and communication of workflow processes. 

Figure 5 – Annotations Support in Diagramming View 

Proactive Analytics Trigger 

Leverage Performance Analytics indicators to initiate flows with the Proactive Analytics trigger. Define flow start conditions based on Proactive Analytics KPI scores and threshold values, enabling proactive workflow automation based on performance metrics. 

Figure 6 – Proactive Analytics Trigger 

3. New in Process Mining

Introducing Project Builder

Create and view the project configuration through a comprehensive Project Builder setup, which divides the entire project configuration into well-defined sections and provides contextual information that acts as a guide. Build projects using templates similar to the goal or process you’re analyzing to automatically add basic details and simplify the process 

New Automated Finding Detectors

Identify process inefficiencies using automated detectors for repeating patterns, extreme durations, extreme repetitions, and slow durations. 

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4. ATF Support for Configurable Workspaces

Expand Automated Testing Framework (ATF) support to Next Experience UI, reducing regression risks with wider test coverage. Test forms and UI actions seamlessly to ensure optimal performance and functionality. 

Figure 8 – ATF Support for Configurable Workspaces 

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5. Performance Testing with ATF

Identify and address self-inflicted performance issues with performance testing capabilities integrated into the Automated Testing Framework. 

Figure 9 – Performance Testing with ATF 

6. Natural Language Query Genius Results

Surface relevant search results with Natural Language Query (NLQ) Genius Results in AI Search applications. Interpret searches using plain language to find relevant results from large source tables, enhancing search efficiency and accuracy.  

Figure 10 – NLQ AI Search 

7. Encryption Module Support

Ensure data security and customization with UI16 parity support for selecting encryption contexts when uploading files. Users can now choose appropriate encryption contexts, adding an extra layer of security and meeting specific data handling requirements.

8. Context-Aware Keyboard Shortcuts

This small functionality may turn out as super useful. Introducing keyboard shortcuts and contextual keyboard shortcuts for enhanced usability and productivity. 

 9. Creator Studio 

Debuting in Washington, Creator Studio levels the playing field for developers of all skill levels, incorporating integrated environments, app templates, and management features for a consistent developer experience. 


Upgrade to the Washington Release 

The ServiceNow Washington release introduces a wealth of features aimed at empowering organizations to streamline workflows and drive innovation. As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, we’re committed to helping you harness the full potential of these features. Contact us today to upgrade to the Washington release and unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity for your organization.