How to choose a ServiceNow partner? 10 tips to help you find the best partner for your organization

Few questions before you start

The decision was made – you are about to begin an extraordinary journey in the digital world of ServiceNow. Perhaps you are already the Platform user, want to add new capabilities and modules or upgrade your instance to the latest version. Maybe it’s your first time with ServiceNow. No matter if you’re planning a new ServiceNow implementation or developing an existing service or instance, you need a trusted ServiceNow partner to be your project guide. There are many ServiceNow partners, but finding the right one for your organization can be – but does not have to – quite a challenge. How to choose a trustworthy and committed ServiceNow partner? What criteria should you pay attention to?

Best practices – 10 things you should think about while looking for the best implementation partner

Define your expectations

There is no one way to choose a ServiceNow partner, but here are a few best practices, that will make your decision easier. To find the right ServiceNow partner, you need to answer a few questions about your organization. Why do you want to implement ServiceNow? What are your business needs? What do you want from your ServiceNow implementation partner? How do you imagine your business cooperation? What is important to you? Defining your expectations is the key to successful and long-term business cooperation. Having done it, choosing a partner will be much easier.

Verify the experience

One thing you should definitely pay attention to, is how experienced your ServiceNow partner is. What clients are working with the company, what implementations have been performed so far? The experience is a key factor that increases the chance of successful delivery, the customer satisfaction, customer success and project cooperation. Many years of practice are a guarantee of the ServiceNow company’s value, stability and expert position. A partner company who has done a lot of projects, but does not rest on its laurels, certainly has the potential to deliver value and be a good business partner.

Find a partner who shares the same values

There must be chemistry between you and your ServiceNow partner team. Your successful journey to success will not be simply about following your partners’ orders, but also about mutual respect and cooperation. It is a good start if you share the same views on work culture practices and values, and when you have a common denominator. Sharing the same values is not only the key to customer satisfaction. It is the crucial factor that makes a true partnership possible.

Find ServiceNow partners that work with the best

It is worth checking whether there are large, global companies in your partner’s portfolio of customers and business implementations. The market position, brand value and recognition of clients and customers your partner cooperates with, is a proof of its success and trustworthiness. If the partner works with the best customers, provide customer success and all sides are satisfied with this cooperation, there is a good chance that your business collaboration will also be fruitful.

Ask for industry references

In addition to strong market position and rich portfolio of clients, it is worth checking whether a partner has any references or expertise in your industry. If your client or organization deals with, for example, insurance, your partner should have already been responsible for consulting, implementation or servicing a client in this field. You can be sure that, as a result of previous consulting experience and expertise, your partner knows your business, its specifics, trends, challenges, problems and solutions. This knowledge facilitates further cooperation.

Check ServiceNow certifications

Detailed information on all certified partners can be found on the ServiceNow website. There, in the Partner Finder tab, you can read a description of the company, the scope of implementation it specializes in, areas of activity and a list of certificates.

Firstly, you should check whether a partner is certified in the services and modules you are interested in implementing. The certificate is a proof of your partner’s knowledge, expertise, specialization and capabilities and that these two factors are still developing. A good sign is that the potential partner has expert certificates, such as Certified Technical Architect and Certified Master Architect. In this case, you can count not only on extensive technical knowledge of ServiceNow, but also on real business support and expertise in translating your needs into the system architecture.

Ask your partner for a plan

The ServiceNow implementation is a part of a larger business & digital transformation. A good enterprise ServiceNow partner is not just a performer, but a real partner — your advisor, guide, and companion through this process. Your ServiceNow partner should support you and have a long-term plan for this cooperation.

It is really important to have business transparency. A reliable, trustworthy enterprise ServiceNow partner is ready to get resources and implement changes within the specified timeframe to your business needs and keep your organization running. However, you should be aware that implementing ServiceNow is a process. A good ServiceNow partner not only enables you to get resources and start implementations quickly, but also has a plan for the Platform development. Thanks to this strategy, you can fully use ServiceNow’s potential value for your own business needs.

Get information about additional services

If your ServiceNow partner provides additional Change Management services, it is a perfect solution. Advising on customer service management solutions during the implementation process and preparing your organization for the upcoming changes are additional values. Employees are used to a certain model of customer service management operation in the company. For example – holidays, purchases, incidents, requests, etc. have been reported in 10 different portals so far. Suddenly, employees can do it all in one place. This requires not only a change of approach and habits, but also a systemic change. A good implementation partner will support this. Training and proper communication of the upcoming changes are necessary. It’s good if your ServiceNow partner takes care of this issue.

Verify the number of specialists working for your ServiceNow implementation partner

The employees are the strength of your business. The strength of ServiceNow partners are the qualified specialists who deal with the Platform implementation, operations and development processes. Thanks to their knowledge, skills and experience, you are in good hands.

Information about the number of certified ServiceNow specialists in the company is also available on the ServiceNow website in the Partner Finder tab. In our many years of practice, it happened many times that large global companies asked us for help. Although they had a lot of work in the field of service and platform implementation, there was no one to do it. Our specialists with the appropriate certified qualifications, expertise, knowledge and experience were happy to help.

SPOC – your ServiceNow Elite Partner

SPOC is a ServiceNow partner you can trust. Since 2010, we have been cooperating with the largest companies and organizations in the world. We implement and own solutions, develop the Platform, conduct training, deliver, and provide customers and partners with the necessary support. We started as a team of a few people; today we are an Elite Partner, one of ServiceNow partners that works with the best. Furthermore, we are growing and developing together with ServiceNow. It will be a pleasure to become your business partner and work together on the success of your organization.

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Service Portal with an E-commerce Feel? Design cues in the digital era

As we continue to navigate the digital era, one thing has become clear: user experience is king. It does not matter anymore if you are designing an intranet page or web store – all companies must prioritize visual appeal, user interface, and ease of use when it comes to their online presence. And nowhere is this more critical than in the business and workspace. Yes, ServiceNow with its Service Portal or Employee portal counts as well!

Service Portal – user experience and user interface

User experience and user interface are crucial in designing a webpage as they directly impact how users interact with and perceive the website, ultimately determining its success or failure. Traditionally, service portals have been clunky and utilitarian, focused solely on getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. But with the rise of e-commerce, there’s been a shift towards creating a web design with an e-commerce feel and user-friendly interface.

Design plays a crucial role in the success of any webpage, as it directly impacts the user experience and influences the likelihood of conversions, clicks, and overall success. How can you translate e-commerce design into Service Portal design? Well, for one, it means focusing on the user experience. Good e-commerce is designed with the customer in mind, making browsing, searching, and buying products quick. Service portals can adopt the same approach, making it simple to find what they need and get the help they require quickly.

Efficient access to data is critical to any solution, and incorporating user experience and user interface into ServiceNow design ensures that users can easily and effectively access the data they need. By treating ServiceNow’s design like consumer products, we can modify and improve the experience to better serve your customers.

-Jacek Witek, UX Designer

Clean and Clear Navigation

A clear and easy-to-use navigation menu helps visitors find what they are looking for quickly, reducing frustration and making it more likely they will complete their purchase.

How can you translate it into a Service Portal design?

To achieve successful navigation in ServiceNow portal design, consider organizing the portal logically and intuitively, for instance, grouping related services together, and ensuring the header menu is prominently displayed on every page. Descriptive labels and subcategories can help users find what they are looking for more easily.

source: Decathlon
source: Garmin
Image: example of clear navigation in the Service Portal

Strong Visuals

High-quality product images, videos, and interactive 360-degree views can help shoppers enhance confidence in their purchase decision and increase engagement. 

How can you translate it into a Service Portal design?

Service portals can take a similar approach, using visual hierarchy and design cues to the user experiences, making the Service Portal’s layout feel more polished and professional. You should use clear, high-quality images and videos showcasing the services. For example, a Service Portal for IT might include images or videos of computer hardware, software, or cloud computing and data storage. Achieving a proper balance and ensuring that the visual elements are logical is crucial. In some cases, incorporating contemporary icons and colour schemes may suffice.

By providing visuals that accurately represent the services, users can better understand what they are requesting and feel more confident in their decisions.

source: SMEG
source: Marshall
Image: Example of strong visuals in the Service Portal

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Consistent Branding

A consistent visual identity across the website can create a sense of trust and reliability with the brand while also establishing a memorable brand image.

How can you translate it into a Service Portal design?

Choose a colour scheme, typography, and iconography throughout the portal. For example, if your company logo is blue and white, the portal’s colour scheme should use the same shades of blue and white to create a cohesive visual identity. Being consistent with design elements such as buttons, forms, and icons can help develop a sense of familiarity and ease of use. Another critical aspect of creating a visual identity in a Service Portal is using high-quality graphics and images that align with the brand’s aesthetic and reflect the brand’s personality and values.

In addition to visual elements, you need to ensure that the tone and language throughout the portal align with the organization’s voice and messaging. This can create a coherent user experience and reinforce the brand’s identity and values.

source: CoffeDesk
source: ZARA
Image: example of consistent branding in Service Portal

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Responsive Design

A responsive website design that adapts to different devices, screen sizes, and orientations ensures the site is accessible and easy for all users to access.

How can you translate it into a Service Portal design?

ServiceNow has built-in functionality that allows Service Portal to adapt to different devices and screen sizes. It provides a range of responsive design features and techniques, such as fluid grids and media queries, that allow you to create a flexible and adaptive design. In addition to the built-in responsive design features, you can also use tools and resources to develop accessible and mobile-friendly portals. For example, ServiceNow offers documentation on best practices for designing accessible portals and provides testing tools to ensure the portal is optimized for mobile devices.

source: ZARA
Image: example of responsive design in Service Portal

User-Friendly Search Functionality

A search function that allows users to find products quickly and easily can improve the overall user experience and encourage visitors to stay on the site longer.

How can you translate it into a Service Portal design?

Implement an intuitive search bar that is easy to locate and use. The search bar should be placed prominently on the portal’s homepage and designed to be visible. Additionally, the search bar should provide users with relevant search suggestions as they type, helping them quickly narrow down and customize their search results. If the results are not promptly displayed, users may discontinue using it. To improve the accuracy of search results, you can utilize auto-complete, synonym matching, and natural language processing. These features help ensure the search function is accurate and returns relevant results, improving the overall user experience. Additionally, allow users to sort and filter their search results based on different criteria to help them quickly identify the most relevant results. ServiceNow’s AI-powered search with natural language processing can perform various tasks, including but not limited to understanding and interpreting user queries expressed in natural language.

source: Amazon
source: Marshall


Personalization in e-commerce usually means tailoring the offer to the user, such as displaying recommended products on the homepage, using a general principle like Google Ads, i.e., personalized marketing.

How can you translate it into a Service Portal design?

Personalization within the ServiceNow platform is typically done at the group or role level. The goal is to present the user with relevant information about their job functions or responsibilities. For example, an employee logs in to the Service Portal, and depending on their role in the organization, they may see a customized homepage that features specific services, forms, or knowledge articles that are relevant to their job duties. This could include different categories of information, such as IT support, HR services, or facilities management. However, it’s important to note that personalization within ServiceNow is not as extensive as what you might find in a dedicated e-commerce platform. The focus is primarily on providing users with the information they need to do their jobs effectively rather than tailoring the user experience to drive sales or conversions.

source: Apple
source: Garmin

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10 Service Portal design mistakes

  1. Poor Navigation: Complicated, unclear, or difficult-to-use navigation menus can create confusion and frustration for users, leading to a negative user experience.
  2. Slow Loading Time: Long loading times can lead to user frustration and abandonment, especially on mobile devices where users expect fast load times.
  3. Overwhelming Design: Overuse of images, colours, or graphics can create a cluttered and overwhelming design that can be difficult to navigate and may distract from the main content.
  4. Inconsistent Design: Inconsistent branding or design elements across the portal can create a lack of coherence and may cause users to lose trust in the site.
  5. Complicated Forms: Lengthy or complicated forms can be intimidating and may discourage users from completing important actions.
  6. Poor Readability: Poor font choices, small font sizes, or lack of contrast between text and background can make it difficult for users to read the content on the portal.
  7. Lack of Mobile Optimization: A lack of mobile optimization can lead to a poor user experience for mobile users, who may struggle to use the portal on a smaller screen.
  8. Limited Accessibility: A lack of accessibility features, such as support for screen readers or keyboard navigation, can make it difficult for users with disabilities to use the portal.
  9. Unclear Call-to-Actions: Unclear or confusing call-to-actions can create confusion and may prevent users from taking important actions and abandoning the portal.
  10. Poor Search Functionality: A search function that returns irrelevant or inaccurate results can frustrate users and discourage them from using the portal.

Don’t worry if you find any of these ten issues in your Service Portal. It’s never too late to turn things around with the help of experienced UX designers and ServiceNow partners who can provide the necessary tools and guidance to achieve exceptional results. Book a meeting to discuss your improved future Service Portal.