How to use Automated Test Framework?

Automated Test Framework

The usability of ServiceNow and the possibilities it offers allow users to constantly develop the platform, which translates into many benefits. However, there are no safe implementations without testing the prepared solutions. The purpose of testing is of course to minimize the risk and unexpected post-implementation failure, as well as to check the correctness of the solution and the related logic.

ServiceNow allows for automated testing, which results in savings. Below you will find information about the ATF plugin that can be used on the platform. You can read about the advantages of this solution.

What ATF is?

ATF (Automated Test Framework) is used to automate most of the manual tests. ServiceNow offers it as a plugin and platform feature.

Where ATF is useful?

ATF is intended for regression testing. It can be used on instance to retest the feature that could impact the instance. When you maintain the test scenarios and take care of extending them, they can bring enormous value to your organization. ATF allows you to minimize the risk of incidents on the production instance after deployment. You have an additional option to ensure correct work of your system and reduce the potential impact on the users. Regression testing with ATF can be used for complex and risky changes to make sure that all system components are working fine according to the prepared testing scenario after change implementation.

In addition to that, ATF can be a real game changer during upgrades.

Why ATF can be helpful during upgrades?

Preparing test scenarios and testing the system are important parts of upgrade process. Both of these activities can take a long time. When you decide to use ATF, you invest the most time in the beginning because you need time for configuring testing scenarios in the system. But don’t be scared. With this investment, you can save time and money in the future. Test automation supports the upgrade process. Automated tests makes upgrade process shorter and can be used in continuous iterations without waiting for the team’s availability.

What is the price of this tool?

You can use ATF in ServiceNow for free. The cost you have to bear is the configuration of test scenarios in the system based on existing documents or new ones prepared by qualified SPOC QA team.

Where should I start?

You may find it difficult to analyze your instance objectively and prepare your first testing scenarios on the instance or extend existing ones. But an external expert can help you understand what should be done. Find a trustworthy partner with the right experience to ensure that your ROI increases and the end-users are pleased.