How to attract more users to your ServiceNow? 

User-friendly and intuitive Service Portal

So you invested in ServiceNow, created a Self-Service Web Portal and Mobile App for your users, but the interest is low. What now? You need to improve your ServiceNow perception internally and make sure that the platform is optimized to your needs. A successful interface translates into less frustration, fewer errors, a more user-friendly approach and an increased number of users. These 4 basic questions can help you find the cause of your problems. 

Is my ServiceNow portal user-friendly? 

A user-friendly portal is a key to self-service. What does it mean? Portal needs to be up-to-date, simple to navigate and visually attractive. Take away everything unnecessary for your users. Focus on the User Interface and User Experience of the Portal. Make it intuitive. By focusing on the end-users from the start, you commit to Design Thinking principles.  An example? What often fails is the navigation – check if it aligns with your customer’s needs. Never try to put too many categories or information on one page, but rather lead users to what they are searching for. Check if you have the ways to navigate back to any previous page and make sure that the paths are intuitive.  

Source: SPOC
Source: SPOC

Does it reflect users’ needs? 

You need to make sure that your portal looks appealing to your target group. Does it reflect the company and the user needs? Take into consideration how your users work and what they appreciate. Customize your portal or app to the company and users’ needs. When it comes to banal orders, like getting office supplies, the process should be as straightforward as possible. No one will want to spend more than several clicks and a few minutes for that kind of request – otherwise, it is easier to write an email, and we miss the point. An essential part is adapting to the devices preferred by most users – is it mobile, laptop screen or desktop? Let’s not forget about those unfamiliar with technology – the more simple, the better. Keep in mind what your users need from you to prepare a successful interface they will want to work with.

Source: SPOC

Is my ServiceNow platform  mobile-focused? 

Non-mobile-friendly design can lower your statistics. Google says that even 48% of users are frustrated and annoyed when the site they are using is not mobile-friendly, and more than a half of them will not engage with the page. While building your Self-Service Portal or Mobile App, you should focus on a straightforward and user-friendly mobile interface for a better experience. Service Portal works pretty well on mobile devices since it has a built-in responsive layout. But it can be optimized for mobile use, making sure that the layout and widgets are used to deliver the best possible experience on any device. What should the mobile-focused design look like?  

Knowing what your users want and expect from your product is the most important part of creating a successful service. If you adjust your mindset to this knowledge and make it a priority you will save everyone’s time and frustrations in the long run and simply make a better product. 

– Jacek Witek UX/UI Designer

Source: SPOC

Do my employees know how to use it? 

Employees resist new tools due to several barriers. It takes time to adopt a technology. Among the main reasons behind it, listed by the Economist Intelligence Unit, is a lack of awareness. When the Service Portal or Mobile App is ready, you need to ensure that everyone is on board. How to do it? Start with clear, regular communication to your users. Make sure that it is also well-designed and distributed strategically. The right layout for your communication, an awareness campaign, done with marketing support is a first step to spread the news and encourage your audience to use the portal. 

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Source: SPOC

How to increase my ServiceNow platform’s UX? 

You may find it difficult to analyze your Service Portal objectively. You see it every day, working with it, so you are used to it the way it is. But an external expert can help you understand what is missing and what needs to be changed. You need to find a trustworthy partner with the right experience to ensure that your ROI will increase and the end-users will be pleased.

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